Top 3 Under 1 Cent Crypto Projects: Best to Buy in 2022

A lot of crypto investment discussions revolve around Bitcoin, but Ethereum (ETH) and other top ten assets are also mentioned, such as Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL). Even though some of these coins are well known in the crypto market, many other currencies are available for pennies. Therefore, it may prove just as valuable as investment opportunities or even for use in blockchain projects in general.

Our goal is to show you three of the best cryptos you can purchase for under 1 cent. Of course, every project possesses its own merits and possibilities for success, so there is no particular order in which they are presented. 

As an investor, you are responsible for researching what projects interest you and deciding whether to invest. You may not want to limit yourself to cryptos where the unit price is under $1, as crypto is a rapidly evolving industry. Keep in mind that cryptos are divisible, and you can buy Bitcoin for $1 on some exchanges.

Why is it worth investing in under 1 cent projects?

RVN, BAT, DENT cryptos 1-year price chart
RVN, BAT, DENT cryptos 1-year price chart 

Even though under one cent crypto is cheap, that doesn’t mean you need to invest in it. It’s an emphatic no for that, but other factors are attached to them that make them attractive and a wise investment. The following are a few of them:

High-risk profit ratio

Shortly, the price of penny crypto will rise significantly since most of these coins have an undervalued value, and there are more opportunities with blockchain technology.

Passive income

Investors believe that the best dividend-paying investments begin offering dividends at $1, so even holding penny coins can result in earnings.

Investment variegation

The heterogeneity in your portfolio will prove beneficial for you if you want to earn consistently from cent crypto. If one of the coins is lost, those remaining can make up for it.

How does it work?

Crypto trading markets are highly volatile by nature. All coins bear no guarantees. Why is that? The risks accompanying it are purely speculative, where a brand new trader can get into trouble.

Whales drive markets, wealthy investors who can afford to buy when they feel like it and do not care if a little bit of their money is lost.

Some coins will never go away. To determine these projects, research their founders thoroughly, and buy and hold. For example, many people are discussing the Sena token, which is one of the most promising projects for 2022.

How to start?

While investing in any cryptocurrency, there are various factors to consider, as a single error can turn a profitable investment into a loss, so deciding on which penny crypto to purchase is crucial. Below is a list of some factors to consider.

When investing in crypto, choose a coin with a flowing supply of 10 million to 1 billion coins. It is essential to check whether these coins are featured on top cryptocurrency exchanges like MXC, BitMex, etc. Ensure that 25% of the entire supply has been mined already.

When purchasing under cent crypto, it is a good idea to check big cryptocurrency exchanges and find out if they earned a profit of more than 50% in the last ten days.

Following are the top crypto projects you like to invest in at a price of less than a cent.

Ravencoin (RVN)

RVN 1-year price chart
RVN 1-year price chart 

52-week price range: its 52 week low was at 0.014599, while its 52 week high was at 0.285421.

1-year change: in one year, RVN can be purchased for roughly $0.14854700739.

Forecast 2022: The forecasting site estimates RVN should be worth anywhere from $0.16 to $0.23 within a 2022 year. 

Developed to streamline the transfer of assets, Ravencoin is a digital peer-to-peer network (P2P) that utilizes a use case-specific blockchain. The network facilitates the efficient transfer of assets between parties.

This coin was announced on October 31, 2017, and binaries were released to mine on January 3, 2018. As part of the launch, there were no premises, ICOs, or controller nodes.

Its name is a reference to the television series Game of Thrones.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT 1-year price chart
BAT 1-year price chart

52-week price range: its 52 week low was $0.229504, while its 52 weeks high was $1.920940.

1-year change: in one year, BAT could reach $2.13.

Forecast 2022: $1.38 average in 2022.

BAT is ranked 34th in the world by market capitalization. As they have come up with the most fantastic project in the crypto market, they are one of the best under cent cryptocurrencies for 2022.

The best part of their platform is that they constantly improve it and are very responsive to their users’ feedback.

Dent (DENT)

DENT 1-year price chart
DENT 1-year price chart

52-week price range:  its 52 week low was at $0.0002389, while its 52-week high was $0.02241.

Forecast 2022: by the beginning of July 2022, Dent is predicted to reach a price of $0.0049975. It is expected that the maximum price will be $0.0062468, and the minimum fee will be $0.0042478.

With DENT, users can access the internet using eSIM cards and mobile data. Because the project uses blockchain, users can own their mobile data truly and only pay for what they need. Each Dent token costs just 13.5 cents, and Dent’s market cap is $345 million. The project has already acquired over 25 million users.

Upsides and downsides 

Upsides Downsides 
Under 1 cent coins could be better than BTC because they aim to plug the crypto shortcomings.Compared to Bitcoin, projects with less than 1 cent value have a smaller investment market.
Some cheap coins, including Dogecoin, Ether, and Steller, have already gained traction among mainstream institutions, resulting in high valuations.Because there is no regulation and no defined criteria for investment, investors are fewer, and liquidity is thin on the cheaper project market.
The crypto economy offers a wide choice of cheap coins that serve different purposes.The money invested in several “dead under 1 cent” projects has gone to waste.

Final thoughts 

It is essential to keep the coin’s market cap in mind when assessing its potential. When comparing TVLs and current prices of two assets within the same sector, look for investments that appear undervalued given their use cases, such as Fantom, which competes with Polygon in terms of use cases. In general, research is crucial.

Look for similar assets, then compare both projects’ merits based on what the project aims to achieve. Doing this can identify either undervalued or lesser-known projects, which are both factors that lead to significant gains.

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