Best Forex Signals: Top 10 Forex Signals Providers to Rely On

Best Forex Signals | Top 11 Forex Signals Providers to Rely On

What are forex signals? This is a common question amongst the mind of many new investors. Forex signals are trades from professional traders in the financial industry which newbies can access. They are becoming a hot topic for investors who begin trading without prior experience. For providing the service, the traders charge a monthly or yearly fee.

There are countless live forex signal services available on the web where traders can choose the one that matches their needs. Our forex signals review will list the ten best providers and detail all their pros and cons so you can make a better selection.

Forex signals: Why should we choose them?

Forex signals are an excellent way for beginners to earn a similar income as professionals. They can help you avoid the losses that may incur while speculating the markets on the initial stages and at the same time learn from the best ones. There is also no need for retail traders to sit in front of the trading screen for hours and analyze the charts.

List of the best forex signals providers

The best forex signal providers ensure to implement all the necessary points. They guarantee customer satisfaction and try to educate them on trading.

1. TechBerry

TechBerry Forex Bot

TechBerry has the following features:

  • Loss reimbursements
  • Verified live records
  • Plan configurator to check the returns
  • Over 10% gain each month

TechBerry has been offering transparent copy trading services with attractive gains. The platform keeps your capital safe within FIDC-insured banks.

Upsides of TechBerry

  • Multiple packages available for subscription
  • Quality customer support with many offices worldwide
  • A low service fee of 15%

Downsides of TechBerry

  • Undisclosed strategies

Is TechBerry safe or a scam?

TechBerry is a highly safe social trading platform that poses no risk to subscribers. In case of any loss, the drawdown is reimbursed with the help of reserve capital. The high win rate of the strategy maintains theoretical risk.

2. Zero to Hero Forex Signals

Zero To Hero FX Signals

Zero to Hero forex signal service has the following features:

  • Comprehensive trading experience
  • Verified track records
  • Numerous recommendaions by members
  • 4-10 trades each day with a monthly target of 300 pips

The signals provider states that he has over 10 years of experience in trading the markets. There are records on FXBlue that detail all the performance of the service.

Upsides of Zero to Hero Forex Signals

The service has the following pros:

  • Multiple packages available for subscription
  • No dangerous grid and martingale strategies
  • Over ten years of market experience

Downsides of Zero to Hero Forex Signals

While the cons are:

  • The drawdown is high at -29.3%.
  • There is no transparency on the vendor.

Is Zero o Hero Forex Signals safe or a scam?

Zero to Hero Forex Signals maintain their transparency on their records which is a good practice. The trades are profitable to follow however traders should be careful of the high drawdown.

3. Learn2Trade


What to expect when you join Learn2Trade?

  • Up to 10 accurate profitable trades each day
  • A total of 15000 traders have joined their community
  • Real-time alerts via Telegram
  • Trading tips and daily technical analysis

The education section on the website provides much information for beginners to learn. The developers review multiple brokers and algorithms and provide free signals on Telegram.

Upsides of Learn2Trade

The service has the following pros:

  • Traders can develop their knowledge of forex and crypto.
  • There is a weekly roundup of the market.
  • Telegram group is available for a free trial.
  • Detailed technical analysis on each trade.

Downsides of Learn2Trade

While the cons are:

  • No support of automated copy trading

Is Learn2Trade safe or a scam?

Learn2Trade is an excellent service for traders to educate themselves and enjoy the company of like-minded investors. The signal provider is popular amongst many and can be considered safe.

4. FX Profit Signals


What to expect when you join FX Profit Signals?

  • Free forex signals available via Telegram and email.
  • Clear entry and exit points come with trade analysis details.
  • Multiple indicators are available for free.
  • Trading results manually are tracked on the website.

Traders can buy the signals via multiple packages that differ based on the strategy and trading frequency.

Upsides of FX Profit Signals

The service has the following pros:

  • Traders with 14 years of market experience provide the signals.
  • The service has helped over 30000 traders since 2016.
  • Multiple tools and indicators are available.
  • The trades are copied automatically.

Downsides of FX Profit Signals

While the cons are:

  • Trading records are not available through performance tracking websites
  • No transparency on the authors

Is FX Profit Signals safe or a scam?

FX Profit Signals is a safe service for traders. Automated copy trading can help those with no market experience earn passive income.

5. FXLeaders


What to expect when you join FXLeaders?

  • The economic calendar and currency converter are free to use.
  • Trades are available for multiple instruments.
  • A huge team manages their operations.
  • Investors can build their own custom watch list.

The company provides educational services for traders. There is an option to get the service for free by signing up with the broker of their choice.

Upsides of FXLeaders

The service has the following pros:

  • Detailed analysis before each trade.
  • There is a stop loss with each trade to protect against loss.
  • Real-time notifications whenever a position is opened.
  • Mobile applications are available.

Downsides of FXLeaders

While the cons are:

  • The company does not track its records through a performance tracking website.
  • Poor customer feedback on review forums.

Is FXLeaders safe or a scam?

FXLeaders does not provide detailed statistics of their records which raises many concerns. The service can confuse beginner traders as there are signals for multiple instruments.

6. ForexGDP

forex gdp

What to expect when you join ForexGDP?

  • The company covers all the latest market updates.
  • Basic and advanced forex courses are available for traders.
  • Signals are available through multiple social media channels.
  • Traders can purchase packages for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.

ForexGDP claims to have a trading accuracy of 80 to 95%. There are also jackpot trades with a high risk-reward ratio of 1:5 and 1:10.

Upsides of ForexGDP

The service has the following pros:

  • A trading blog that is updated regularly.
  • Detailed chart analysis is offered.
  • FAQ section covers many questions from traders.
  • Myfxbook records show good gains.

Downsides of ForexGDP

While the cons are:

  • No automated means to copy trades
  • Poor website interface

Is ForexGDP safe or a scam?

ForexGDP covers many aspects that beginners fail to follow during their initial trading stages. There are multiple ways to get signals from professionals. We can consider this as a satisfactory option.

7. FX Premiere

What to expect when you join FX Premiere?

  • Trading signals are available for forex, gold, and oil.
  • The developers provide 24/7 support for traders
  • The service has been running since 2010, and all the testimonials are 100% genuine
  • Over 4111 members trade using the program

FX Premiere provides 1-3 targets for each trade, and each execution has a fixed stop loss. Traders can choose to pay via card, Paypal, and cryptocurrency.

Upsides of FX Premiere

The service has the following pros:

  • The Android application covers all the recent updates.
  • The Telegram channel is free to join.
  • There is a weekly pips count.
  • Traders can get the service for free while depositing funds with a broker of FXPremiere choice.

Downsides of FX Premiere

While the cons are:

  • No verified records
  • No records on the authors

Is FX Premiere safe or a scam?

FX Premiere gives traders many good assurances but refrains from providing them with proper records. This leads us to believe that they can not be trusted.

8. AndyW LTD


What to expect when you join AndyW LTD?

  • Video analysis for trades
  • Various options for contact including WhatsApp, Skype, and email
  • The guarantee of 50 pips each day
  • Live notifications available through the mobile application

AndyW LTD has a winning rate of 83% while focusing on a risk-reward of 1:2 on each trade. The trades come with an automatic expiry date, allowing traders to set and forget.

Upsides of AndyW LTD

The service has the following pros:

  • It is easy to follow the AndyW LTD signals.
  • It has an 83.4% success rate.
  • Traders can schedule a call with the signal provider.

Downsides of AndyW LTD

While the cons are:

  • No verified records
  • The payment method is not clear

Is AndyW LTD safe or a scam?

AndyW LTD promises many pips for a day with a high win rate. They are tracking the records manually on the website and are not clear with their strategy.

9. WeTalkTrade


What to expect when you join WeTalkTrade?

  • Multiple algorithms to help in trading
  • Availability on numerous social media platforms
  • A trading blog that covers all the vital concepts
  • Two models of participation: free and paid

WeTalkTrade trades all assets, including forex, metals, crypto, and indices. Their trades can be copied to both MT 4 and 5 platforms.

Upsides of WeTalkTrade

The service has the following pros:

  • Live chat support is available.
  • Mobile application for both android and iOS.
  • Traders can schedule a call with the signal provider.
  • Copy trading is automated.

Downsides of WeTalkTrade

In the meantime, the cons are:

  • Automated copy trading is only available for the pro model.
  • The signals are not suitable for traders who focus on forex only.

Is WeTalkTrade safe or a scam?

WeTalkTrade does not convince us with live records. The developers are more focused on promoting their business and other achievements.

10. 1000pipBuilder


What to expect when you join 1000pipBuilder?

  • Three different strategies, i.e., trend capture, range trap, and momentum rider.
  • Signals are available via Telegram, SMS, and email.
  • Easy step by step guidance on how to follow signals
  • 2-7 trades per day with more than ten years of market experience

1000pipBuilder uses technical analysis and provides full expert support. Traders can join them using the following options: monthly $97, 3 months $227, and 1 year $397.

Upsides of 1000pipBuilder

The service has the following pros:

  • Live records available on Myfxbook
  • Being perfect for beginners
  • Multiple subscription options

Downsides of 1000pipBuilder

While the cons are:

  • It does not use a trade copier
  • No free trial

Is 1000pipBuilder safe or a scam?

1000pipbuilder provides trading records for a short duration. The rest of the service looks safe for traders.

11. Daily Forex Signals


What to expect when you join Daily Forex Signals?

  • Users can access to TradingView directly from the website.
  • Traders can start with the deposit amount they are comfortable with.
  • The Learn to Trade section is available on the website.
  • Signals are available for as low as €29.99.

Daily Forex Signals uses Telegram for distributing their trades. They allege to have an accuracy of up to 75%.

Upsides of Daily Forex Signals

The service has the following pros:

  • Multiple subscription packages are suggested to the clients.
  • Traders can use any broker they feel comfortable with.
  • A detailed FAQ section covers almost any questions you might have.

Downsides of Daily Forex Signals

While the cons are:

  • Uses only Telegram

Is Daily Forex Signals safe or a scam?

Daily Forex Signals is a safe service to use. The absence of live tracking does raise some suspicions.

The signal status refers to the idea of a trade being active or not. When the provider sends out a trade, it may or may not have a designated exit point. If the position is closed manually or reaches the final area, it will become null or closed.

How do forex signals work?

Forex signals can work in two ways:

  • Manual copy trading involves entering the positions manually whenever the professional traders hand them out. Telegram, WhatsApp, and Messenger are commonly used for this purpose.
  • Automated copy trading involves using forex trading signals software to copy trades from one account to another automatically.

What do FX signals include?

Trading signals are composed of multiple factors that must be adequately understood to avoid losses. The terminologies are not complex to grab. Let us go through a few of them.

Signals status

Symbols to be traded

The provider’s trading instruments are detailed on their respective websites or social media channels. The recipient of daily signals must open an account with a broker having all the assets traded to avoid any missed opportunities.

Trading directions

There are two directions in the markets to trade, i.e., buy or sell. Each signal will come with the respective heading of long or short, and traders should enter it similarly. A few signal providers will also use buy or sell stops for trading.

Entry point

The entry point is the place where the traders should enter the market. There might be some slippage while copying the signals manually. A few pips may not matter if the exit points are broad; however, they can be of considerable impact for scalpers.

Stop-loss (SL) and take profit (TP) levels

The stop loss and take profit are the respective exit levels where the trade is supposed to be exited. Depending on the provider, the executions may or may not come with an appropriate exit point.

Commentary and trading details

Some trading details might explain the reason behind the execution, also known as commentary. This is to teach the traders on trading so they can implement the same strategy in the future.

How to find the best forex signals?

Finding the best forex signals can be hard in the current conditions. Scammers fill up the market looking to scam new traders by baiting them with getting rich quick ideas. The trading style of the provider should also match yours to aid in the psychological aspect of trading. The points mentioned below can help you select the right service.

Make sure that the provider is in the same time zone as you

The signal provider should live in the same time zone so that when the trades are available on the social media platform, you are awake and active to execute them. Failure to imprint them on your account can result in missed profits.

Check out the historical success rate of the signal provider

Going through the live records is a fine way to know if the service has been profitable in the past and its upcoming future. If the drawdown is acceptable and the gains are good, you can choose to follow it. Verified tracking websites should track the performance of the signal providers.

Go through the details

Scanning out the website, you should find out the names of the signal providers. The pricing models must be available in a neat form, and the details about the working structure must be present. The whole infrastructure of the webpage has to be in a neat layout.

Trading with forex signals: advantages and disadvantages


Trading signals have the following benefits for traders:

  • It provides a good source of passive income.
  • Beginners can learn as they follow the trades.
  • Traders do not have to spend hours analyzing the markets on their own.
  • They can keep investors safe from losing money in the initial stages of trading.


  • There are many scam signals services on the internet.
  • Some traders can depend too much on the forex signals and forget to learn the strategies for their own development.

Final thoughts

Profitable forex signals are indeed an excellent way for investors to learn about the methodology of financial markets and at the same time enjoy a side income. Traders should always study the provider’s background thoroughly and check the live records before proceeding to invest with any.

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