Best Forex Robots | 10 Reliable FX Trading Bots 2022

Top Forex Trading Automatons | Dependable FX Bots Worthy of Investment

Forex trading automatons have gained traction among investors seeking substantial passive income from their investments. These programmed systems engage in market trading based on their encoded strategies. Numerous expert advisors employ varied tactics like swing, day, or scalping trading.

Grasping the operational nuances of these systems and their application in relevant software is crucial for traders to avoid potential risks. This article delves into essential considerations for traders before acquiring these Expert Advisors (EAs), offering insights into their practical use.

What is a forex robot?

A forex robot is a programmed entity that autonomously conducts trades in the market, yielding either positive or negative returns based on market dynamics. Some algorithms provide trading signals on charts for traders to manually execute trades on platforms. Each robot is specifically coded for certain platforms, like EAs for MetaTrader 4 requiring MQL 4 language coding.

Foremost Forex Bots of 2023

1. TechBerry

TechBerry Forex Bot

Since 2015, TechBerry has been delivering standout automated trading services with its advanced neural algorithm. It guarantees risk-free operations with loss reimbursement and secures funds in FIDC-insured banks. Subscribers can choose from a variety of plans, from Green to Infinite, with full-time support from a personal manager. It boasts impressive monthly gains over 10%.

Real-time trade monitoringNo clear strategy to reveal
Risk-free investment
Support for over 50 regulated brokers
A free trial is available

2. Learn2trade

Learn2Trade Logo

Catering to all levels of traders, Learn2Trade provides comprehensive trading courses and covers a broad range of market instruments. Traders can access free signals on their Telegram channel. Its website’s news section keeps users informed about key market events, and traders can access their signals for free with a $250 broker deposit.

Trading information available for all tradersNo transparency on the pricing model
It covers most of the markets
Provides free signals on Telegram
Contains reviews for multiple financial services

3. GPS Forex Robot

GPS Forex Robot Logo

A seasoned player in the market, GPS Forex Robot offers live Myfxbook tracking results for performance evaluation. It features extensive backtesting results and introduces its third, more accurate version with minimal drawdown. The robot aims for consistent monthly profit percentages.

Live records are availableIt has a high drawdown
Full transparency on developersThe profits are quite small
Good customer support 
Access to investor password

4. Wallstreet Forex Robot

Wallstreet Forex Robot Logo

This robot incorporates numerous features for profitability, including lifetime support and a broker spy module. It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and is compatible with ECN brokers. Traders can review its backtesting and live performance records.

Live records are availableIt has a high drawdown
Detialed backtesting records
Good customer support 
Access to four algorithms

5. Forex Fury

forex fury logo

Compatible with most forex brokers and available for both MT 4 and 5, Forex Fury features a built-in risk management system. It supports trading on various pairs with settings adjustable for different risk levels. The algorithm focuses on range-based methods in low volatility conditions.

Compatible with most brokersIt has a high price
Detialed backtesting records
Good customer reviews
Multiple subscription packages

6. Forex Steam

Forex Steam Robot

Continuously optimized and tested over a decade, Forex Steam is backed by a team with 25 years of combined forex market experience. Boasting a 90% success rate, it offers a user-friendly guide for newcomers.

The asking price is quite lowTrading records are not tracked
It has a spread filter
Good customer reviews
It has a high win rate

7. 1000pipclimber

1000pip Climber

This system allows customization of entry prices, stop loss, and take profit parameters. Suitable for MT 4, it comes with a guide and developer support. The algorithm functions as an indicator across multiple time frames.

Available with live recordsOnly available on MT 4
It has options to tweak the stop loss and take profit
It comes with a user manual

8. Forex Gump

Forex Gump EA

Forex Gump operates on several currency pairs, integrating trend and news filters. It offers various risk settings and requires a minimum of $4000 for trading. The robot scans the M1 time frame and offers several purchase options.

30-day money-back guarantee No backtesting records are available 
It has a news filter
Live records are available 

9. Forex Flex

Flex Forex EA

Available for both MT 4 and 5, Forex Flex EA boasts 12 strategies and supports all currency pairs. It avoids major news events and offers the best-optimized settings with community support for discussion and insights.

30-day money-back guarantee No backtesting records are available 
It has a news and session  filter
Live records are available for multiple accounts

10. Happy Frequency

Happy Frequency EA

Utilizing grid, hedge, and martingale strategies, this robot operates on the MT 4 platform. It’s fully automated and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, suitable for various account types.

30-day money-back guarantee It requires a large minimum deposit of $4000
It can trade on multiple currency pairs
Live records are available for multiple accounts

11. Forex inControl 

Forex inControl EA

With gains exceeding 1000% on live records, Forex inControl trades two currencies, offering risk diversification and a robust drawdown control system. It includes a detailed manual, free updates, and professional support.

Live records are available It costs $310 with no money back
It can trade on multiple currency pairs
Backtesting records are there

Pros and Cons of Automated Trading Robots


Trading robots offer substantial passive income, manage psychological aspects of trading, operate with precision free from human emotions, provide a wide selection of algorithms, and allow investment diversification.


Risks include potentially harmful grid and martingale strategy robots, limited operational scope under certain market conditions, and the need for extensive forward testing.

Forex Robot Functions

Beyond market trading, forex robots can offer manual trading signals and manage trade adjustments. They can modify trades initiated by other robots and provide mobile or email alerts.

Best Forex Robots Trading

Utilizing a Forex Robot

Most robots are designed for MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. Installation involves copying the robot file into the software’s experts’ folder, refreshing, and attaching the EA to charts. Proper setting adjustments are recommended for optimal performance.

Types of Automated Trading Robots

These include arbitrage robots, grid and martingale systems, managing EAs, and indicator-based robots. They can also be categorized by trading nature, like scalping, day, or swing trading.

Avoiding Scam Forex Robots

Scam robots often lack live trading results, backtesting records, and strategy transparency. Evaluating the vendor’s experience and outlook is crucial.

Criteria for Comparing Forex Robots

Key comparison factors include the number of traded currencies, safety and reliability, risk management tools, trading accuracy, backtest results, cost considerations, and developer team reliability.

Benefits of Top Forex Robots

The best robots offer controlled risk, improved trading strategies, suitability for beginners, fast data processing, and substantial passive income.

Summary of Forex Robots Review

The finest forex robots can secure considerable gains with minimal risk. Before investing, reviewing live records is essential to gauge profitability. The top systems ensure peace of mind by responsibly managing investments.

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