Top Crypto Gainers: Best 3 Crypto to Buy and Hold in 2022

The crypto industry has become an attractive investment sector in recent years. Blockchain technology is booming right now, and many investors think that it will take over the traditional financial system in the future. Now the marketplace is worth over $3 trillion in capitalization. Smart crypto traders always keep count on gaining crypto coins to seek potentially profitable investment opportunities.

However, it is worth checking on several factors while creating the top crypto gainers list, including historical performance, future projections, the community behind the project, etc. This article lists the top three crypto gainers to buy and hold in 2022.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are very potential assets that can make you rich quickly. These digital assets are suitable investments when someone wants to gain direct exposure to the demand for crypto assets. It is a relative fact to seek the reason or check potentiality before making any investment. 

However, cryptocurrencies are volatile, so investing without proper knowledge and guidelines, anyone can lose their capital. Expert crypto traders reduce their risks by following specific guidelines, including choosing crypto exchanges and assets wisely, following money and trade management rules while investing, etc.

How does it work?

Crypto investors seek to invest their money and generate incomes in several ways as the marketplace is full of opportunities. Long-term investors often purchase crypto-assets and hold them for a particular period till the value rises. 

Meanwhile, crypto investors who like to participate in frequent trading usually conduct technical and fundamental analyses to spot the best potential crypto assets and execute trades according to their analysis. There are many other ways to generate income from the crypto industry, including staking/lending, NFT development, etc.

How to start?

Any crypto investor needs to open a crypto wallet or sign up on an exchange platform at the initial stage. Then select potential crypto-assets according to analysis and research to purchase or trade. It is better to have technical and fundamental crypto analysis knowledge before starting trading if someone is comfortable with frequent trading. Otherwise, do proper research to invest in any crypto asset for a longer period to generate a handful of profits.

Top three gainer crypto coins to buy and hold in 2022

Let’s check on the top three crypto gainers that can be potential investments in 2022.

Smooth love potion (SLP)

SLP price chart
SLP price chart

52 weeks range: $0.03-$0.398

1-year price change: 1207.39%

Forecast 2022: $0.40

Smooth love potion tokens are digital assets that users can earn by playing the Axie Infinity game. These are ERC-20 tokens that users can use to breed digital pets (Axies) in the gaming platform. Users can breed Axies seven times, and the total cost will be 2100 SLP. The cost rises every time they breed Axies. It is unusual for in-game coins to list in exchange platforms like SLP coins. 

This token runs on the Ethereum blockchain. SLP is currently floating near $0.17 today with a 24-H trading volume of $372,355,080. This token is currently available on many major exchange platforms, including  Binance, Bitget, OKX, Mandala Exchange, and Bybit.

Fantom (FTM)

FTM price chart
FTM price chart

52 weeks range: $0.03-$3.68

1-year price change: 12133.58%

Forecast 2022: $1.68

Fantom is a DAG (directed acyclic graph) smart contract platform that provides DeFi services to developers using its consensus algorithm. The creation period of this platform is 2018, and the launching period on mainnet is 2019, with the launching of opera. 

It is a decentralized open-source platform for digital assets and DApps as an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain. Fantom aims to overcome the limitations of previous generation blockchain and balance three major components of blockchains: 

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Decentralization

FTM is currently floating near $1.24 today with a 24-H trading volume of $1,096,540,907. This token is currently available on many major exchange platforms, including Bitget, Binance, Mandala Exchange, OKX, and  Bybit.

Theta Network (THETA)

THETA price chart
THETA price chart

52 weeks range: $1.35-$16.61

1-year price change: 1100.33%

Forecast 2022: $21.14

Theta Network is a decentralized Blockchain protocol and video streaming platform. The mainnet of this platform works as a decentralized network in which users share computing resources and bandwidth on a P2P basis. 

The launching period was Mar 2019. Steve Chen is an advisor of this platform and a co-founder of YouTube. Another advisor of Theta Network is Justin Kan, a co-founder of Twitch. According to developers, Theta Network aims to shake up the ongoing video streaming industry. Due to the poor infrastructure, high costs, and centralization features, users often get poor experiences. Theta Network might solve these issues. Jieyi Long and Mitch Liu are the co-founders of this platform. 

Theta is currently floating near $2.88 today with a 24-H trading volume of $163,081,815. This token is now available on many major exchange platforms.

Upsides and downsides

These are the top three gaining cryptocurrencies and potential investment assets. Investors can earn from purchasing and holding, frequent trading, or staking/lending for a certain period. These assets also have some drawbacks. Let’s check the top upside and downside of these cryptocurrencies.

Upsides Downsides
The top three crypto gainers are available at most of the crypto trading platforms and proce of these tokens are affordable.
There is no guarantee that the price will move up after taking a buy order.
These tokens are purely decentralized so that there is no chance of manipulation by a party.
These tokens consist of a high volatility level that might eat all your profits at a single swing.
Staking reward
Most of the retail crypto platforms allow having staking reward from these tokens.
Due to its volatility, making profits from crypto investment needs a higher patience level.

Final thought

We have made the top gainer crypto coins list by researching several angles. You can make a considerable amount of profit in recent future from any of these assets by investing wisely. However, while investing, understand the token’s potentiality by reading its outlook and future projection.

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