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Best Crypto

At this point, Bitcoin’s price is close to $50,000, and we all wish we had at least one BTC, but buying even a small amount is a lot of money. 

Nevertheless, there are ways to earn Bitcoin without paying the market price for it. And not just BTC. You can earn all kinds of cryptocurrencies, in some cases, almost for free. The way of doing it is mining. 

By mining crypto, you can get money, in some cases, without investing a cent. Let’s review some of the best cryptos to do that in 2021/2022.

Is crypto still profitable?

The best proof that mining is profitable is that the people are doing it. Of course, some big investors can take the impact of staying in business even with some losses, but if the small miners are still doing it is because it works.

Now, it’s not as profitable as it used to be, especially with Bitcoin. Before, you could get up to 50 BTC in ten minutes mining from your PC. Now you have to compete with ASIC worldwide and spend thousands of dollars on your electric bill to have a shot of making 6.5 BTC. 

That’s why to make mining profitable, Bitcoin is not the best choice, probably not even a good one. Nevertheless, there are many other cryptocurrencies outperforming Bitcoin as to crypto mining.

Best cryptocurrency mining opportunities 

Today, the big mining opportunities are not on Bitcoin but with altcoins. These are alternative crypto coins that are experiencing a rise in their popularity and price. There are over 5000 altcoins in the world, so there are 5000 opportunities to mine. However, that you can mine them doesn’t mean that you should. Most of them have no value, and there is no point in mining them.

Nevertheless, many coins are worth it to mine, their value is attractive, and the mining process doesn’t require expensive hardware. Even so, these valuable coins also have high competition. Miners from all over the world are actively competing to be the first to solve those blockchains’ math equations.

The chance of a small miner mining some of these coins from their computer is very low. That’s why one of the best opportunities to mine is pool mining. Thus, miners worldwide pool their computer power to mine some of the coins. The distribution of the money earned and the size of the pool varies, so you can choose the pool that fits you best.

What are the best cryptocurrencies to mine in 2021/2022?

Now we know that mining is profitable, and Bitcoin is not the only alternative. We have over 5000 altcoins to mine, but we can mine them all. So next, we are going to review the three best options to start mining in 2021/2022.

ZEC (ZCash)

ZEC is a currency intended to improve privacy and even provide anonymity to users.

What is Zcash?

It is a cryptocurrency that provides privacy and selective transparency of transactions. While ZCash blockchain is public, the sender, recipient, and the amount remain private. 

It was initially intended to improve Bitcoin’s protocols for privacy, but it wasn’t applied due to the high power consumption. However, the protocol gave birth to some previous coins until, in 2016, ZCash was released.

What is the ZEC (ZCash) price prediction for 2021/2022?

ZCash is a promising crypto coin that is currently trading around $122.67. It has been a highly volatile coin, so predicting future prices is hard, but we can say that it will end this year at over $110, and by the end of 2022, its price will be above $300.

According to the RSI, the price still has a margin to keep rising during this year
According to the RSI, the price still has a margin to keep rising during this year

What is the ZEC (ZCash) price prediction for 2025?

For 2025, after severe variations, we expect Zcash to consolidate its price and rise even higher to reach levels around $500.

Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin tries to stop big hardware companies from monopolizing the coin by resisting ASIC.

What is VTC?

If the goal of ZCash is privacy, Vertcoin aims to decentralize. This open-source altcoin seeks decentralization by being ASIC-resistant, so it avoids that a small percentage of highly equipped miners make most of the mining transactions. Thus, the way of mining Vertcoin is through GPUs installed on the miner’s computer.

What is the Vertcoin (VTC) price prediction for 2021/2022?

We forecast Vertcoin as an acceptable long-term investment. VTC is currently trading around $0,5069. By the end of this year, the price should be above $0.70, and by December 2022, we expect it to be around the same level as of December 2021.

Through time, VTC had behaved according to what the RSI predicted. According to the RSi right now, there are plenty of margins to increase
Through time, VTC had behaved according to what the RSI predicted. According to the RSi right now, there are plenty of margins to increase

What is the Vertcoin (VTC) price prediction for 2025?

In 2023 we expect VTC to break the psychological level of $1 finally, and by 2025 the price should be between the levels of $1.5 and $2.

Aeternity (AE)

This is a coin created like many others to solve the problem that the most critical cryptocurrencies have.

What is AE?

It solves the scalability problems that Ethereum still has and offers additional security features for its smart contracts. AE is another ASIC-resistant crypto that can only mine through GPUs.

What is the Aeternity (AE) price prediction for 2021/2022?

Aeternity is currently at $0.0937, and we expect the price to rise at least 50% to reach levels close to $1.4690. By the end of 2022, the price should rise even higher and reach $0.176.

AE price is currently below $0,1000
AE price is currently below $0,1000

What is the Aeternity (AE) price prediction for 2025?

By the end of 2025, the price of the most relevant cryptos will rise, and Aeternity will be one of them. We expect a price of $0.30.

Upsides and downsides of crypto mining

Low investment and low risk
For many currencies, all you need to mine is a decent pc with powerful GPUs. That’s an investment you won’t lose even if the price goes down.
Power cost
It’s well known that the profitability of mining depends on the electricity cost. 
Possible explosion
Everyone wants to find out which one will be the next Bitcoin. But, of course, you can’t mine hoping that one day your currency will reach Bitcoin’s price level. Instead, you are profitable now. However, an explosion in the next five years is always a possibility.
Environmental issues
Mining activities consume lots of energy. Therefore, the environmental issue is important, even though some projects are more environmentally friendly than others.
Many opportunities
There are several ways to enter the mining sector. You can choose different cryptos, but also the way of mining. You can do pool mining or even rent mining hardware and profit from it.
Legal problem
Depending on where you live, you can face some issues regarding mining activities. As this is a relatively new phenomenon, laws are way behind the dynamics of cryptocurrencies, so changes in government can impact mining.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we would like to remind you about the risks when investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are high-risk financing instruments where you can increase your deposit by a massive amount of X’s, but you can lose everything. You should remember the first rule: invest only in free funds. Credit and loan money cannot be used.

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