Bayer’s Trial Victory

Bayer announced its victory in a trial concerning the Roundup weedkiller product liability in Philadelphia. The German pharmaceutical and agricultural company shared the news of their success in the case presided over by Judge Ann Butchart.

Upholding Roundup’s Safety

Despite sympathizing with individuals who have suffered losses or injuries, Bayer emphasized that scientific evidence demonstrates Roundup’s non-carcinogenic properties. The company stands by its assertion that Roundup, along with its primary ingredient glyphosate, is safe for use. This position is supported by reviews conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and various regulatory bodies that have concluded there is no cancer risk associated with the product. Additionally, the European Union recently announced a 10-year extension on glyphosate’s use.

Although Bayer has faced multi-billion dollar damage orders in previous cases linking Roundup to cancer, the company remains steadfast in defending the safety of its product. The first trial ruling against Bayer came in August 2018, shortly after the completion of its acquisition of Monsanto for $63 billion. Monsanto, the developer of Roundup, also engineered crops resistant to the herbicide.

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