Quality Concerns at Boeing

The Federal Aviation Administration conducted an audit of the manufacturing processes for the 737 Max airplane at Boeing and its supplier, revealing “multiple instances” of non-compliance with quality standards. The audit identified issues with Boeing’s manufacturing-process control and parts handling as well as storage practices.

Lack of Details

While the FAA provided a summary of its findings to Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems, the specifics were not made public. A spokeswoman cited the ongoing investigation into Boeing as the reason for withholding detailed information.

Response from Spirit AeroSystems

Spirit AeroSystems welcomed the FAA audit results and expressed readiness to address any necessary corrective actions in collaboration with Boeing and the FAA. The company will carefully review the findings to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Boeing’s Commitment

In response to the audit, Boeing’s CEO, David Calhoun, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to meeting the challenge of addressing the identified issues. He emphasized that Boeing now has a clear understanding of the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

Increased Scrutiny

The FAA’s scrutiny of Boeing intensified following an incident where a panel detached from a Boeing 737 Max 9 mid-flight. Despite the alarming occurrence, the pilots managed to safely land the aircraft. In light of this event, Boeing made changes to the leadership of the 737 Max program.

Next Steps

Last week, the FAA issued a 90-day deadline for Boeing to develop a comprehensive plan to address safety concerns raised by both the FAA and an independent panel composed of industry, government, and academic experts.

This ongoing investigation underscores the importance of maintaining rigorous quality standards in the aviation industry.

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