Top 3 Sandbox Metaverse Projects: Best SAND to Invest in 2021/2022

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Sandbox Metaverse has it all to become the new sensation next year. The video game that is gaining attention among gamers has been associated with some of the biggest companies in the industry, including Binance, Atari, The Walking Dead, and Snoop Dog. This last one is so into the Metaverse technology that sells tickets for a private party on the Sandbox Platform. 

That is just proof of how far this metaverse thing can go and all the possible interactions they can migrate to the different platforms. Today, the Sandbox platform is one of the best positioned, and anyone that understands how to profit from that will have many ways to do it. 

Learn about how the Sandbox game is ready to leap to become the next mainstream Metaverse and the most exciting projects on the platform.

Why invest in Sandbox Metaverse projects?

The Metaverses have proven to have acceptance among users of all countries, from the first games of their types like The Sims or The Minecraft Phenomenon to the first blockchain success like Axie Infinity.

Sandbox Metaverse appears as one of the strongest competitors among the Metaverse video games, and it is no surprise. The game is backed up by great names in the industry, like Binance, and brands that want to be part of the revolution from the beginning, like Snoop Dog or the football club Manchester City.

The pandemic made everybody take refuge in their home, and many discovered how fun it could be. But that’s not the end of it. If anything, Metaverse games are just getting started. During the pandemic, companies also proved that workers can work from home and that tools like Zoom are great, but they also noticed that sometimes, they are not enough.

The Metaverse will contain all kinds of parallel worlds where users will interact. It may take some time, but this is definitely where the world is going. 

How does it work?

The name Sandbox refers to a video game where you can play to complete missions or reach goals. However, in Sandbox games, you can also create virtual reality within the parameters of the Metaverse. This is Sandbox works. You can create your reality and interact with other players to define what your world looks like.

In the Sandbox world, the player can build and monetize the experience. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and it has its tokens and cryptocurrencies through which you can connect your gaming success with real-world success. The tokens of the game are SAND, LAND, and ASSETS. Those three tokens create the circular economy of the game.

How to start?

To start the Sandbox game, you need to register first to create an account, but this requires an Ethereum Wallet, so you need to create one if you don’t have it.

When you sign in, you create a Sandbox account that is already linked to your wallet. So every token you purchase will be stored in your wallet.

Next, you will need to download the game maker application onto your computer using the username and password you created for your account.

Finally, when the home screen is ready, you’re set to create new worlds in the Sandbox universe.


52-week range: $0.0034-$5.55

1-year price change: + 27.970

Forecast 2022: $10.00

SAND is the official token of the game. It is used to buy, sell, own and govern inside the Sandbox Metaverse. By earning SAND on the game, players may get real-life profit by selling SAND on different platforms. In fact, the biggest crypto exchange platform on the planet, Binance, already trades SAND, and the coin price has already surpassed $4.

In the last weeks, the crypto price increased to reach four times October’s price, and it seems like the crypto still has room to keep rising. 

Sandbox's price passed the $5 mark
Sandbox’s price passed the $5 mark


It is a token that is at the center of the game. The whole game is made out of LAND. This token represents the value of the blockchain beyond the regular cryptos. The Sandbox planet is made of LAND, which are territories that represent properties for the player. The way of getting those properties is through getting those LAND tokens secured on the blockchain.

Land's price
Land’s price


Assets are another token inside the Sandbox Metaverse. Assets are the vowel in the marketplace. Once you upload an Asset into the blockchain of the game, they are transformed into NFTs. The assets tokens are created to add experiences into the LAND of the game.  

ASSET's price
ASSET’s price

Upsides and downsides

The Sandbox game has a strong competitor in Decentraland. They are both created on the Ethereum blockchain, and they are called to be the next big hit in the Metaverse video game world. There are many reasons you can prefer one over the other, so let’s look at the major upsides and downsides of the Sandbox game.

Easy to buy LAND
You have two options to buy LAND, The Sandbox Marketplace and Opensea. You can look for coordinates you want and buy your land on any of those two platforms.
The Sandbox game runs on the Ethereum blockchain, which could seem like a good thing, but it also limits the scalability of the Metaverse since the current transactional rate is at 20 transactions per second (TPS). Until Ethereum Changes to Eth 2.0,  where the TPS will increase to 20.000, scalability will still be an issue.
Diversity of tokens
Inside the game, the most popular token is SAND, which is the crypto that allows you to make money in real life by trading it on the crypto exchange app. But it is not the only token. Sandbox also has LAND, ASSETS, and SAND itself.
High fees
Like most Ethereum blockchain-based tokens, the fees are high.
Ethereum is the best smart contract platform. However, it is facing some changes that add instability to the blockchain.

Final thoughts

The Sandbox game will be the big next thing on the Metaverse. No game raises more expectations than this on the blockchain technology today than the Sandbox. The most famous brands, artists, and creators involved in the Metaverse are here, and it’s your time to join the party to start making money in the early stages of this game.

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