Binance Coin Crypto Prediction for BNB Coin Price

Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, has a native coin called BNB. As of May 2022, it has the 8th largest crypto coin in the market cap. I is the utility token for Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of volume.

You can use it to pay platform fees, and developers can use it to power apps such as smart contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This guide will talk about BNB price prediction for the next five years and how the project will look overall.

BNB fundamental analysis: let us dig deeper

Binance just revealed its first-ever auto-burn last quarter. The platform burnt 1,684,347.11 BNB coins, totaling $783 million. This event was held to keep token circulation healthy and slow down potential inflation rates.

The main advantage of Binance Coin is that you can utilize it in other ICO ventures through Binance’s Launchpad program. Binance offers a flawless opportunistic framework where you may exchange other virtual tokens. 

Binance Coin is similarly affected by the current market-wide price drop. However, Binance’s imminent news of partnerships and collaborations will increase its strength in the near run. The whole Binance ecosystem has grown massively due to recent announcements surrounding token launches, the creation of the world’s most popular curated NFT markets, and much more.

BNB will boost its NFT ecosystem this year by merging with meaningful collaborations and welcoming additional users to the ever-expanding crypto world.

With all this going on, it fundamentals look positive for now.

BNB technical analysis

The current BNB rate is $317.23. In the previous 24 hours, the price has increased by 4.89%. Earlier in May, the price was in a steep downturn and produced a lower high at $332.8 on the chart. The price has made greater lows in the last week, rising from below $250 to $335.

Furthermore, the price broke above the downtrend’s lower high at $332.8, indicating that the market structure may have become bullish.

BNB price chart
BNB price chart

BNB price prediction for 2022

According to forecasts, the price of this crypto will rise by over $401.47. BNB is anticipated to achieve a minimum of $390.52 and a top of $435.28 by the end of the year.

BNB price prediction for 2023

According to projections, the price of this crypto is likely to exceed $439.67. BNB is predicted to trade at a minimum of $424.08 and a high of $447.09.

BNB price prediction for 2024

According to projections, its price is projected to exceed $410.17. The lowest price is estimated to be $388.20, with a maximum price of $500.21.

BNB price prediction for 2025

According to market analysts, the price is anticipated to surpass $593.12. The lowest price is $541.43, with a maximum price of $760.03.

BNB price prediction for 2030

According to predictions, it will cross the $1,433.09 mark. The minimum price is estimated to be $1,410, with a high price of $1,441.71.

How much will BNB be worth in 5 years?

The five-year outlook for the coin remains bullish for now. The price may cross the $850 level in five years. The average price is $857.74. BNB has a maximum value of $965.68 and a minimum of $612.03.

BNB staking APY

If you’re searching for staking, Binance’s staking bonuses are certainly worth considering. One of the most significant advantages is that you can choose between participating in Locked staking and DeFi staking.

Locked staking includes storing your specified assets in a separate Binance wallet. The more typical exchange-based staking capability is referred to as DeFi Binance staking. It is a process in which the exchange platform collects and invests user cash in various decentralized finance initiatives.

How to stake BNB?

Registration is the first action you’ll need to do. In other words, you must sign up for the Binance trading platform. After registering, you need to have some BNB in your spot wallet and then come to the BNB vault. Select the stake option, and then enter the amount of BNB you want to stake.

Your projected APY is displayed within your dashboard area. According to Binance, the APY depends on several factors. It can, however, increase to 20%.

It would help if you browsed the BNB vault from your dashboard. All of your stakings that will take place are present in your dashboard. There’s another incredible option to stake your BNB from your wallet every day automatically. It means you can stake and earn every day. 

How to mine BNB?

This crypto is not mined, and the whole amount of 200 million coins was distributed during the ICO. This supply is gradually depleted through a process known as burning.

Binance will continue to burn BNB tokens every quarter until it has acquired and burned 100 million Binance coins, or half of its total supply. The method reduces the supply of Binance Coin and impacts its rarity, which may affect the asset’s value.

Binance also has the BNB Pioneer Burn Program, which assesses cases when BNB holders have irreversible lost BNB and repays them by subtracting the amount from the next BNB burn.


This crypto has grown with the Binance ecosystem, resulting in massive developments. The growth of the Binance ecosystem to include a DEX, two different blockchains, increased support for DeFi applications, and other features have allowed BNB to flourish.

So, is this crypto a smart buy?

Its previous price rises resulted in profit if buyers bought and sold at the proper periods. BNB has relatively strong liquidity and trading volume due to its adaptability, which has helped sustain its value.

However, only time can tell where the price of BNB will go in the future.

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