Marianne Williamson Ends Democratic Challenge to President Joe Biden

About Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, a 71-year-old onetime spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey, contemplated suspending her campaign last month after winning just 5,000 votes in New Hampshire’s primary. She expressed the need to decide whether it was time for a dignified exit or to continue on their campaign journey.

The Decision to Continue

Despite the setback, Williamson ultimately decided to continue on for two more primaries. However, she only managed to secure 2% of the vote in South Carolina and about 3% in Nevada.

Leaving a Legacy

In announcing the end of her bid, Williamson expressed hope that future candidates would draw inspiration from their campaign. She encouraged them to learn from what worked for her team and herself, benefiting from the well of information they prepared. She also expressed satisfaction to see their ideas live on in future campaigns and candidates that are yet to be created.

Remaining Democratic Candidate

Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips is now the last nationally known Democrat still running against President Biden. Despite not being on the ballot in New Hampshire, Biden secured blowout victories in South Carolina and Nevada. This success was partly due to his allies mounting a write-in campaign.

Marianne Williamson’s Presidential Run

This is not the first time Marianne Williamson has run for president. She first entered the race in 2020 and garnered attention by calling for a “moral uprising” against then-President Donald Trump. Additionally, she proposed the creation of the Department of Peace and advocated for the federal government to provide significant financial reparations to Black Americans as atonement for centuries of slavery and discrimination.

A Unique Campaign and Policy Propositions

Reflecting her nontraditional campaigning style, the second White House bid of the Democratic candidate showcased a myriad of familiar policy proposals. However, she encountered challenges in fundraising and faced numerous departures from her campaign team right from the beginning.

Making Waves and Capitalizing on Opportunities

In a playful jab at Joe Biden’s well-known fondness for Amtrak, the candidate chose Washington’s Union Station as the venue to announce her campaign. Undoubtedly, she campaigned tirelessly in New Hampshire, aiming to leverage the discontent among state Democrats toward the sitting president. This strategy coincided with the Democratic National Committee’s revised primary calendar, initiated by Biden himself, which slated South Carolina as the first state to hold its primary on February 3.

Upholding a Vision of Justice and Love

Right from the start, it became evident that defeating Joe Biden would be an arduous task for Williamson. Nevertheless, in her campaign launch speech delivered in March, she ardently argued that it was their responsibility to paint a compelling picture of justice and love that could triumph over the forces of hatred, injustice, and fear.

Limited Debates and Chances for Challengers

Notably, the Democratic National Committee opted against organizing primary debates. Moreover, some Democratic parties in states such as North Carolina and Florida decided not to hold primaries, leaving little opportunity for Biden’s challengers to make their mark.

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