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The well-known broker Ally allows traders to use their Ally Invest (AI) platform. It is ideal for small and large investors, as it offers the most favorable conditions. To get to know this investment product better, carefully study our Ally Invest review.

About AI

Ally Invest is a convenient platform that allows you to trade assets, manage money and invest. It is owned by broker Ally, which is part of Ally Financial, Inc. and belongs to the bank of the same name. The latter operates on different continents and has a pretty good reputation. In this regard, the services of the bank and its subsidiaries are used by more than 8 million people. Such popularity is due to the professionalism of all members of the Ally team and the presence of many exciting offers.

AI appeared in 2016. She became a follower of TradeKing, considered one of the best platforms for trading and investing. Having inherited all the best qualities of its predecessor, Ally Invest quickly became popular, and hundreds of thousands of people began to use this platform for work. AI is best for traders. It makes it possible to trade dozens of assets and earn money by changing their course. In addition, the platform will be a great place for individual investors. Ally Invest has an informative website and mobile app. The latter is ideal for active users who want to be aware of all the cases 24 hours a day.

The main distinguishing feature of AI is the presence of commissions, even for trading stocks and ETFs. They are relatively small, but their presence in the trading process annoys users. At the same time, many competitors get rid of commissions and collect money from customers only for some of the operations carried out. However, there is a good point in this case. It consists of many assets not available for trading on other platforms.

Key features

Looking through various Ally Invest reviews, we can conclude that the registration process on the platform causes difficulties for some users. To get rid of them, we have prepared a step-by-step algorithm, following which you will not make any mistakes.

Action algorithm:

  1. Go to its official website of, Ally, where you will find the inscription “Open account.»
  2. Click on it, after which you will see a list of available account types.
  3. Choose the best option, in your opinion, and proceed to the next registration stage.
  4. There you specify personal data. They must be accurate and entered without errors.
  5. Read all proposed documents and rules for using the platform.
  6. Agree with them and complete the registration process.
  7. Next, go to your account, where you complete the profile with the missing information.
  8. In the section on account security, select the necessary settings.
  9. After that, upload scanned documents that can confirm the previously entered personal data.
  10. Wait for the end of the check and edit various trading parameters after receiving a positive response.
  11. At the very end, replenish your account and get to work.

Using the services of Ally Invest, it is impossible not to notice all the features of this platform. However, this information has yet to be discovered for users who are just thinking about starting cooperation. Especially for them, we have selected the essential nuances that everyone must know.

AI Features:

  • Support service. She is the pride of AI. The work of this service receives much positive feedback and is rarely criticized. To contact representatives of the developer company, you need to call by phone, send an e-mail or write in an online chat. In each case, you will receive an answer within a few minutes. When communicating personally with the operator, it is essential to know English well. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain your problem and understand the answer you receive.
  • Safety. AI cannot be called an ultra-secure platform. This is due to the need for measures to protect user accounts. At the same time, cases of hacking or penetration into your account by other illegal means are rare. However, you must be as careful as possible when logging in and not share passwords with unauthorized persons.
  • Additional tools. Everyone who has chosen the AI platform has access to dozens of trading tools. They affect certain aspects of trading and financial management, so the likelihood of finding the most suitable option is high. It is also worth noting that the list of tools is constantly updated, so valuable new items often become available to users.
  • Minimum deposit. AI has a minimum deposit amount of $0. Thanks to this feature, the platform becomes available to users with different financial capabilities. Also, a low minimum deposit makes it possible to get acquainted with the platform’s capabilities without the risk of losing much money. At the same time, it is worth remembering that when conducting operations with such a small amount, the potential profit will be appropriate.

Ally Invest is a good place for people who want to manage their finances and conduct various operations with them. This platform is quite famous, so it has users. At the same time, its doors are always open for new customers, among which you can be.

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Ally Invest review: positives and negatives

Ally Invest review: positives and negatives
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AI boasts dozens of benefits. All of them create a good reputation for the platform and allow you to increase the number of customers constantly. Ally Invest is not without drawbacks. They are much smaller than the advantages, but it is not recommended to neglect them.
AI boasts dozens of benefits. All of them create a good reputation for the platform and allow you to increase the number of customers constantly. Ally Invest is not without drawbacks. They are much smaller than the advantages, but it is not recommended to neglect them.
Total Score
    4/5 Good
    3/5 Neutral
    3/5 Neutral
  • PRICE:
    3/5 Neutral
    4/5 Good
    4/5 Good


  • status owner
  • authoritative regulators
  • a large number of users
  • informative site
  • high-quality mobile application
  • variety of available assets
  • many ways to invest
  • quality customer service
  • many ways to communicate with operators
  • useful trading tools


  • commissions for any operations
  • lack of useful options
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