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Accurate signals can provide companies that specialize in them and are not distracted by work with other trading instruments. This is precisely what 1000pip Builder is. This provider knows exactly what traders need, so he has clients. What else this service has to offer you will learn from our 1000pip Builder review.

Supplier information

1000pip Builder is a trusted provider with a narrow focus and is solely dedicated to providing trading signals to clients. The latter is of high quality and provides record win rates. The supplier company was established in 2016 by the famous trader Bob James. He conducts his work in London, where he has the principal office of 1000pip Builder. His company conducts its business with integrity. She cooperates with several regulators and does not hide most data from clients. This way of working creates the image of a reliable partner and raises the status of 1000pip Builder. This fact is confirmed by numerous user reviews, which usually speak positively about the supplier.

1000pip Builder generates its signals based on a thorough analysis of the current situation. To create them, not only the experience and knowledge of Bob James are used, but also modern software that helps to carry out analytical work. All this positively affects the quality of prepared signals, which have a record-high win rate. The company sends tips to the email of all subscribers. Therefore, each trader can quickly respond to them and get an excellent chance to earn by trading various assets.

1000pip Builder gives its customers three subscription options (monthly, quarterly, and annual). They cost $97, $197, and $297, respectively. This price of the company’s offers is relatively high compared to most competitors. However, the presence of good discounts helps to solve this problem. Most often, traders choose an annual subscription. It allows you to save over 70% and get unlimited access to trading signals for the next 365 days.

Important features

As a professional trader, you can easily understand the rules of working with 1000pip Builder. However, for beginners, some actions can cause particular difficulties. To eliminate this shortcoming, adhering to the generally accepted algorithm is necessary.


1.      Go to the supplier’s official website and find the “Join now” button.

2.      Clicking on it will take you to the list of available subscription options.

3.      Having selected one of them, press “Join now” again.

4.      The page will refresh, and you will be automatically sent to PayPal. You need to pay for services through this payment system.

5.      After waiting to confirm the operation’s completion, you can go to your account.

6.      Select the best way to notify you of incoming signals in the settings menu.

7.      Save changes and wait for prompts.

8.      Then it remains only to follow all the instructions and monitor the increase in profits.

It would be best if you used 1000pip Builder after studying all the small nuances of cooperation. This approach will eliminate the appearance of unpleasant surprises that will complicate the task or even make further work impossible.

Important features:

  • Customer support. This service is the pride of 1000pip Builder. Support responds quickly to user requests and provides complete information. Thanks to this, all answers are detailed and do not leave any questions for traders. To contact support, you need to use e-mail. This option is not the most convenient, but it has no problems in most cases. All this is reflected in the feedback from customers who praise the company for this aspect of the work.
  • Educational content. 1000pip Builder has its trading blog. It contains many informative articles that will be useful even for advanced users. All of them are written in English, which is native to most of the company’s customers. If you have difficulty with this language, you can use one of the available translators.
  • Test period. You can use the provided test period to try out the provider’s signals. It has several essential nuances, the main of which is the need to pay a fee of $100. This feature is unique as none of the hundreds of providers pay clients to test trading signals. Such a severe disadvantage scares many traders, who prefer to immediately buy a subscription without using the testing option.
  • Safety. 1000pip Builder has never had any security issues. At the same time, there is no information on the supplier’s official website about the measures he took to create such a situation. It remains to be hoped that future security conditions will be observed and fraudsters will not gain access to users’ data.5.      Win rate. The provider needs to indicate the percentage of successful transactions in the case of using his signals. At the same time, he claims that this figure is higher than most competitors. No information on this issue could be found in any official source, so refuting or confirming this fact is impossible.

Each 1000pip Builder Forex signals review proves the effectiveness of these trading tools. They can be safely used during work without fear of any problems. In this case, you need to be as careful as possible and avoid making serious mistakes. If you manage to do this, the trading process will become exciting and profitable.

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1000pip Builder review: positives and negatives

1000pip Builder review: positives and negatives
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Information about 1000pip Builder is often found in the 1000pip Climber system reviews. However, these two similarly named providers should not be confused as they operate separately from each other, and each has its advantages. We will detail the first option and its pros/cons.
Information about 1000pip Builder is often found in the 1000pip Climber system reviews. However, these two similarly named providers should not be confused as they operate separately from each other, and each has its advantages. We will detail the first option and its pros/cons.
Total Score
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    4/5 Good
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    3/5 Neutral
    4/5 Good


  • reliability
  • high win rate
  • narrow specialization of the supplier
  • modern methods of signal generation
  • the ability to choose a subscription option
  • the efficiency of the support service
  • much positive feedback
  • convenient site
  • many educational articles


  • inflated prices
  • paid trial period
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