Synlogic Ceases Operations and Lays Off Employees

Cambridge, Mass. – Synlogic, a biotech company based in Cambridge, announced on Thursday that it would be ceasing operations and laying off almost all of its employees. This decision comes after the company ended its study on a potential treatment for phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disorder.

The management and board of Synlogic made the difficult choice to evaluate strategic options for the company following the discontinuation of the PKU trial. As a result, the company will no longer be operating and will reduce its workforce by over 90%. The majority of affected roles will be terminated in February.

Chief Executive Aoife Brennan will also be leaving the company as part of the reduction process. Synlogic will retain only the essential employees needed to assist with the strategic review and the discontinuation of the study.

The decision to halt the trial of labafenogene marselecobas, a biologic developed by Synlogic as a potential treatment for PKU, was made after a thorough review of the data. Unfortunately, it was found that the trial was unlikely to meet its primary endpoint.

Synlogic will now be working closely with clinical trial sites to ensure a smooth discontinuation of the trial.

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