Streamlining for Long-Term Growth

The board of Dispensa Group has acknowledged the challenges of implementing its growth-acquisition strategy within a listed environment. Additionally, the substantial management time and cost associated with maintaining the listing during this stage of the company’s development, along with current market conditions, were significant factors in driving this decision.

Focus on Value Creation

Dispensa Group’s strategic approach involves acquiring undervalued, traditional premium brand businesses and digitizing their systems and processes to boost revenue, margins, and overall value. This strategy aligns more effectively with a private equity environment, enabling the company to concentrate on longer-term initiatives without the constraints of shorter-term reporting timelines imposed by public equity markets.

Circular with Detailed Information

Dispensa Group intends to provide its shareholders with a circular containing comprehensive details regarding the delisting and its implications. This circular is expected to be released by February 16th.

Cost Efficiency Program Implementation

Moreover, Dispensa Group highlights that the delisting would generate numerous cost savings for the benefit of shareholders. If approved, the company plans to implement a cost efficiency program to further optimize its operations.

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