Silent City: A Disturbing Tale of Undead Horrors in Ireland


Halloween may be over, but for those seeking a thrilling and chilling read, Sarah Davis-Goff’s “Silent City” offers a captivating story set in a post-apocalyptic Ireland. This novel takes readers on a haunting journey through a world devastated by zombie-like creatures, known as the skrake. As we delve into this familiar yet unsettling scenario, we witness the struggles of the remaining humans and their fight for survival.

A Continuation of “Last Ones Left Alive”

The Ravaged World of Skrake

In “Silent City,” Ireland, and possibly the entire planet, has become a desolate wasteland, overrun by the skrake. These parasitic creatures are unlike any other, sporting a grotesque proboscis resembling a slug. To make matters worse, their bodies are adorned with the decaying flesh of their last victim. Becoming a skrake simply requires being bitten by one of these horrifying creatures. With most of the population succumbing to the skrake’s relentless onslaught, the few remaining humans have taken refuge within what was once Dublin’s Phoenix Park. However, this sanctuary is now known as Phoenix City, ruled by a fascist regime.


“Silent City” offers readers an eerie and enthralling tale set in a world plagued by undead terrors. While the novel lacks some clarity regarding its background and character development, it excels at capturing the essence of survival amid sheer devastation. Join us on this treacherous journey through the remnants of Ireland in a fight against the skrake, and discover the chilling secrets that lie within the haunting pages of this unforgettable story.

“Silent City”: A Dystopian Tale of Safety and Rebellion


In the gripping novel, “Silent City,” the main character, Orpen, emerges as a product of her unique upbringing in a post-apocalyptic world. Raised in the safety of isolation by two banshees, a group of formidable warrior women tasked with protecting humanity, she soon discovers that her role within the walls of the last human refuge is not what she expected.

Challenging Expectations

A Heroine’s Journey

Driven to her breaking point when a young banshee falls victim to the skrake, Orpen embarks on a mission to scavenge supplies beyond the protective confines of the city walls. Determined to liberate those who share her desire for freedom, she leads an uprising, vowing to guide those willing to escape to the serene and secure island where she herself was raised.

Exploring Survival Logistics

Much like other survival-focused narratives, “Silent City” leaves readers pondering practical considerations. Questions arise around the skrake menace crowding outside the city walls: why not pour boiling oil upon them? Why is there a lack of livestock, such as sheep or goats? Can’t the banshees fashion their own knives from scrap metal? These logistical intricacies add a layer of realism to the story while emphasizing the challenges faced by the characters in their struggle for survival.

The Heart of Strength


“Silent City” stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. In a world fraught with danger and oppression, Orpen’s journey represents a beacon of resistance and hope. This enthralling novel invites readers to ponder the true meaning of freedom and the lengths one would go to protect it.

A Gripping Tale of Displaced Dubliners

As a grown-up Irish “Hunger Games”, this would have made an excellent series, had it been advertised and published as one.

I was instantly captivated by the riveting narrative presented in this remarkable piece of writing. Filled with suspense, it evoked the same intensity as the popular “Hunger Games” series.

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