Nikola to Begin Selling Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

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Nikola, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks, is ready to commence sales of their highly anticipated vehicles by the end of this month, according to Chief Executive Steve Girsky. The company plans to start delivering the hydrogen-powered trucks in late September and early October.

In an exciting development, Nikola has received an impressive 210 non-binding orders for their new line of trucks, including orders from major fleet operators. This is a clear demonstration of the industry’s growing interest and confidence in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Production of the long-awaited hydrogen fuel cell trucks began this summer, with the first completed truck rolling off the production line just two weeks ago. Despite a voluntary recall of their battery-electric trucks due to a fire incident caused by a battery defect, Nikola assures that this issue has not affected the production or timeline for their hydrogen-powered trucks.

The launch of these innovative vehicles sets a new milestone for Nikola as it moves forward with its vision of revolutionizing the commercial trucking industry with sustainable and zero-emission solutions.

For more information, please visit Nikola’s official website.

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