Narf Industries Receives $1.8 Million U.S. Government Contract for Cybersecurity Program

Narf Industries has announced that it has secured a $1.8 million contract from the U.S. Government’s Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health. The cybersecurity company will be focusing on the development of the Electronic Health Record Format for Interoperable Secure Transformation, a digital health security program aimed at safeguarding the electronic infrastructure of the U.S. health care system against potential threats.

This initiative builds upon the success of Narf’s previous multimillion dollar Safedocs contract with another government agency. While the Safedocs project focused on addressing malware risks and combatting attempts by attackers to conceal malicious code within standard business document formats like PDFs, the new program takes aim specifically at enhancing the security of the health care system.

According to CEO Steve Bassi, these research awards play a crucial role in Narf’s overall strategy of converting non-dilutive research work into commercial products. With over 75% of this year’s revenue directly contributing to their intellectual property pipeline, Narf is establishing a strong foundation for the development of next-generation threat intelligence and vulnerability solutions.

As of 0823 GMT, Narf Industries’ shares were up 0.02 pence, or 3.45%, reaching a total of 0.75 pence.

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