Life360 Expects Growth in 2024


Life360, a tracking provider based in Australia, has significantly reduced its annual loss while experiencing a 33% increase in revenue. The company anticipates further income generation in 2024 through targeted advertising to its users.

Financial Performance

  • Annual Loss Reduction: Life360’s net loss for the year ending December was $28.2 million, a significant improvement from the $91.6 million loss in 2022.
  • Revenue Growth: The company’s revenue soared to $304.5 million, aligning with expectations between $300 million and $310 million.
  • Analyst Forecasts: Analysts had predicted a net loss of $33.2 million on revenue of $303.5 million, according to data from FactSet.
  • Positive Adjusted Figures: Life360 reported an adjusted profit of $21.9 million and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization of $20.6 million. This marks the first time the company has reported positive annual adjusted Ebitda.

Future Plans

  • Partner Advertising: Life360 aims to introduce partner advertising in 2024, allowing for a broader revenue stream. Initial set-up costs are expected in the first half of the year, with a modest contribution to revenue in the latter half.
  • CEO Statement: CEO Chris Hulls expressed excitement about the new advertising opportunity, offering partners access to Life360’s vast user base of over 20 million daily active users.
  • Dividend: The company did not declare a dividend for the period.

Life360’s positive financial results and strategic plans for growth showcase its commitment to providing innovative tracking solutions and leveraging its user base for further revenue opportunities.

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