Knightscope Announces Real-Time Gunshot Detection System

Mountain View, California-based security company Knightscope has witnessed a sharp rise in its shares, surging by 29% to $2.03. This comes as the company announces the addition of a real-time, automated gunshot detection system to its range of autonomous security products and services.

The latest offering from Knightscope aims to minimize response times for law enforcement and security personnel, ensuring swift resolution of potential threats to public safety. The gunshot detection systems have been specifically designed to cater to schools and corporations seeking to bolster their active threat and emergency response plans.

As part of this initiative, Knightscope will integrate the automated gunshot detection system into its new K1 Blue Light Towers. Moreover, the detection system can also serve as an upgrade option for the company’s existing portfolio of 7,000 devices, already deployed across the United States.

The gunshot detection technology can be deployed as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Knightscope’s K5 Outdoor and K3 Indoor Autonomous Security Robots. Additionally, the system offers the flexibility of optional solar power or light pole kits for hassle-free installation.

Sales for the new system are projected to commence in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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