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There are many signal providers, so sometimes traders accidentally stumble upon exciting companies worthy of attention. One of them is ForexGDP. This, not the most famous service, has many advantages over more famous competitors, so you should not ignore it. On the contrary, you need to learn more about the supplier with the help of our ForexGDP review.

Supplier information

ForexGDP is a simple but quite exciting service. He specializes in transmitting trading signals to traders that can be used in Forex. Its owner is the company of the same name, which has been working on the creation of various trading instruments for more than 20 years. She does this in a somewhat mysterious way. Not a single official source mentions its management, place of registration, or office location. There is also no data on regulators who should monitor the legality of the supplier’s actions. All of the above does not add points to the ForexGDP rating, so the company cannot boast of a vast number of clients. By the way, their exact number is also kept secret.

As a signal provider, ForexGDP has been operating since 2015. This site is highly specialized. Therefore it provides customers with a minimum of services. At the same time, she does it quite well, receiving many good reviews from traders from different countries. According to the company, users who use proprietary signals can expect 80%-95% successful trades. This is an excessively high figure, so it should not be trusted entirely. In reality, traders report drastically different win rates. In one case, they will be increased, and in the other, they will be deficient.

ForexGDP has developed three tariff plans for its clients. The first one is called “Free,” which fully justifies its name. It does not provide a fee for services but makes it possible to receive only 2-4 signals per month. This is a meager figure for active traders, so the Premium tariff is more suitable for them. It increases the number of incoming hints by at least four times. The tax cost depends on the period of prepayment (from a month to a year) and varies between $20-$74. For professionals, the best option would be “Supreme.” This tariff allows you to receive up to 25 signals, for which you will have to pay from $37 to $147.

Important features

Everyone has learned to use ForexGDP signals. This process does not require special knowledge and skills and allows you to spend a minimum of time on market analysis. However, to get all this, you must perform all the preparatory steps correctly.

Correct sequence:

  1. Go to the ForexGDP website and look for the section with tariff plans in the top menu.
  2. Go to it and study all the offers.
  3. Having chosen the best option, click “Join now.”
  4. After that, a registration form will open for you, which should be filled out without errors and only with reliable data.
  5. Confirm your desire to register on the site and agree to the terms of service.
  6. Go to your account, where you will be asked to pay for the selected tariff.
  7. Do it in any way possible, remembering to specify the prepayment period. The longer it is, the smaller the total amount will be.
  8. After making the payment, all that remains is to change some settings and wait for the signals to arrive.
  9. As soon as this happens, you need to perform all the indicated actions and monitor the increase in the amount in the account.

ForexGDP is only known to some experienced traders, and it is ultimately a mystery for beginners. To solve it, you need to study all the features of the provider and how they provide services.


  • Support. ForexGDP pays little attention to working with clients. At the same time, the support service works quite well. She quickly responds to requests from traders and gives answers within 1 hour. To contact the operators, you must fill out a particular form on the site. You can also use social media accounts.
  • Training. ForexGDP has a separate section dedicated to training traders. It has all the necessary materials for clients with different skill levels. In addition to standard articles on trading, there are also high-quality video materials. They will help you better understand the peculiarities of using signals and the rules of cooperation with the supplier.
  • Discounts. ForexGDP has deals for active traders. To save on paying tariffs, you must make an advance payment for 3, 6, or 12 months. In this case, it will be possible to minimize the average monthly cost of a subscription and bring it to adequate levels. Discounts are valid in both paid tariffs, so almost all customers will be able to save.
  • Safety. ForexGDP is considered to be a relatively safe provider. Its only problem in this aspect is the need for more information about the developers. Because of this, traders need to learn precisely to whom they send money and who sees their data.

Using the services of ForexGDP means getting a good stable income. This provider offers only high-quality signals, which can be used skillfully to achieve excellent results. Its conditions are pretty simple, so traders will be OK with their work. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the trading world and emerge victorious from each transaction.

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ForexGDP review: positives and negatives

ForexGDP review: positives and negatives
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Nothing is more pleasant than reading the merits of the provider you use. In this regard, satisfied traders leave much positive feedback, praising ForexGDP for various aspects of work. Also, users remember the shortcomings that the supplier in question could not avoid.
Nothing is more pleasant than reading the merits of the provider you use. In this regard, satisfied traders leave much positive feedback, praising ForexGDP for various aspects of work. Also, users remember the shortcomings that the supplier in question could not avoid.
Total Score
    4/5 Good
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    4/5 Good
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    4/5 Good


  • service delivery experience
  • variety of tariffs
  • good discounts for advance payment
  • high declared percentage of successful transactions
  • coverage of all currency pairs
  • the efficiency of the support service
  • a lot of educational materials
  • no security issues
  • simple site interface
  • good feedback from traders


  • minimum data on owners
  • much unverified information on the site
  • inflated prices
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