European Commission Requests Information from Meta Platforms and TikTok

The European Commission has reached out to Meta Platforms and TikTok, urging them to share details about the actions they have taken to combat disinformation and prevent the appearance of illegal content on their platforms following the recent attack on Israel by Hamas.

According to the European Union’s executive arm, both companies have been given until Wednesday to provide information regarding their crisis response during the conflict. The commission’s primary concern lies in the dissemination and amplification of illegal content and misinformation.

In particular, TikTok, a subsidiary of the Chinese tech giant ByteDance, has been specifically asked to disclose the measures it has implemented to tackle the spread of terrorist and violent content, as well as hate speech across its platform.

The European Commission has stated that it will determine its next course of action based on the responses received, which could potentially involve initiating formal proceedings. Failure to meet the deadline for a response may result in penalties being imposed.

At present, neither Meta nor TikTok have issued any comment in response to the commission’s request.

Furthermore, the social media platforms have been given until November 8th to furnish the European Commission with information about the measures they have taken to safeguard the integrity of elections.

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