Canadian Propane Inventories at the Start of September

According to data released by the Canada Energy Regulator on Wednesday, Canadian propane inventories at the beginning of September fell short of 2022’s levels, despite a solid 20% increase from the previous month.

Propane Stocks Nationwide

As of September 1, nationwide propane stocks totaled 10.4 million bbl, representing a 19.8% increase from a month ago. However, this figure was still 5.3% lower than the propane inventories recorded in September 2022.

Propane Inventories in the West

In the western part of Canada, propane inventories started September at 6.37 million bbl. Although this marked a 15.6% increase from August, it fell short by 12.8% compared to the same period last year.

Propane Inventories in Eastern Canada

On the other hand, propane inventories in eastern Canada totaled 4.05 million bbl at the start of September. This figure represented a 9.4% increase from August and a surplus of 27.3% compared to 2022.

Butane Stocks

Similar trends were observed in the butane stocks, with Western Canada experiencing a deficit compared to last year while Eastern Canada recorded a surplus. On September 1, total butane inventories reached 8.07 million bbl, showing an 11.1% increase from August but a 1.4% decrease compared to 2022.

Butane Inventories in Western Canada

In Western Canada, butane inventories totaled 4.34 million bbl. Although this was a 9.6% increase from the previous month, it represented a 3.1% decline compared to the same period last year.

Butane Inventories in Eastern Canada

In Eastern Canada, butane inventories amounted to 3.73 million bbl at the start of September. This figure marked a 12.8% increase from August and a 0.7% growth compared to a year ago.

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