A Shift in Focus: Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser Discusses Future Plans

In a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Citigroup Inc. Chief Executive Jane Fraser expressed her thoughts on the current economic climate and provided insights into the bank’s ongoing reorganization efforts.

A Normalizing Environment with a Soft Landing

Fraser acknowledged that there has been a shift in focus, as Citigroup now pays closer attention to the lower FICO consumer segment. She highlighted the decrease in savings, as indicated by recent data from the Federal Reserve. Fraser believes that some of the excess savings accumulated during the Covid-19 years are nearing depletion. Despite this, she remains optimistic about a soft landing, considering all the current economic indicators.

A Forward-Looking Reorganization

Fraser shed light on the bank’s reorganization plans, emphasizing the goal of simplifying Citigroup’s operations. This involves eliminating complexity, flattening the organization, removing unnecessary layers, and enhancing collaboration among employees to better serve clients. Specifics regarding headcount reductions and cost savings will be disclosed alongside the fourth-quarter earnings results in January 2022.

While consumer spending continues to remain strong, Fraser acknowledged a shift in consumer behavior. After experiencing significant double-digit percentage increases in recent quarters, consumer demand has softened since September. Services still receive a significant portion of spending compared to goods, with sectors like travel and entertainment showing promising growth. Additionally, food consumption has remained robust, although rising gas prices have also contributed to increased spending in that area.

As Citigroup’s new CEO, Jane Fraser’s insights provide a glimpse into the bank’s strategic direction and its commitment to streamlining operations while adapting to evolving consumer trends.

Citigroup Sees Growth in Services and Investment Banking Businesses

Citigroup is experiencing growth in its services franchise and new-client acquisitions, while also focusing on an increase in capital markets activity. The bond market, as well as some initial public offerings in its investment banking businesses, are showing signs of improvement.

According to Fraser, the Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup, the investment grade markets have opened up and are currently the strongest ones. This is due to clients being willing to take on higher rates. As a result, there has been an uptick in activity, and Citigroup is actively preparing to participate more in this market.

However, there are economic challenges faced by China and Europe, and there is still a sentiment in the U.S. that interest rates could rise further.

Fraser believes that despite these challenges, the current numbers suggest a soft landing. Inflation is decreasing, and the indicators such as unemployment, job creation, and GDP are pointing towards a soft landing as well.

While market watchers remain cautious, Fraser acknowledges that historically, the second half of the year is more difficult to achieve in terms of numbers compared to the first half, especially with regards to inflation. However, she also notes that the economy is starting to ease the burden for the Federal Reserve. If the upcoming data in the next few weeks continues to support this trend, it will make the Fed’s job easier.

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