Updated Acquisition Proposal for Stratasys

Stratasys, the leading three-dimensional printing company, has announced that it has received an updated acquisition proposal from 3D Systems. The company has confirmed that it will carefully review the revised bid put forward by 3D Systems. This new offer from 3D Systems raises the cash and stock value to an impressive $24.07 per share of Stratasys.

Although Stratasys will consider this updated proposal, it is important to note that the board has not altered its previous approval and recommendation of a merger with another prominent 3D printing company, Desktop Metal. Despite increased bids from both 3D Systems and Nano Dimension, Stratasys remains committed to its merger plans with Desktop Metal.

The improved bid from 3D Systems includes a payout of $7.50 in cash and 1.5444 shares of the combined company per share held by Stratasys shareholders. As a result of this deal, shareholders of Stratasys would have a 44% ownership stake in the newly combined company and receive a total cash amount of $540 million.

Stratasys will carefully evaluate the updated proposal, weighing it against their existing merger plans. The decision made by Stratasys will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future direction of the 3D printing industry.

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