Top 10 Passive Income Apps That You Should Try Now

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Everyone wants to have financial freedom. Moreover, it becomes exciting and attractive when you can make money through passive activity. Some apps bring you the opportunity to have passive income, by which you can increase your revenue. 

  • How to choose a passive income app?
  • What passive income apps are better and why?
  • How to invest in a passive income app and make good money?

However, many scammers are waiting on the internet to steal your money with their tricks. Again it’s not always easy to find suitable passive income tools to meet your desire and capability. A novice at the financial market may be confused when choosing the perfect convenient app to help achieve their financial freedom. 

After completing this article, you’ll know the top ten passive income apps in which you can participate and start making money. You can find most of them at the Apple Store, Android platform, or both of them supports; also windows platform is available for some of them.  

Top 10 passive income apps

In this part, we list the top ten passive income tools to generate money and have some additional income by doing some research among passive income apps platforms. You can make money daily, monthly, or even yearly from them. Fact is, you won’t get rich from these apps overnight, but you can increase your income for sure. 

№ 1. Fundraise

This app is the first on our list. If you are looking for some actual income, then this is your tool. It is entirely different from others that involve lock screen rewards, cashback programs, or loyalty programs. 

This tool involves making money from real estate investments. With Fundrise, you can invest in a million-dollar project, and you don’t have to worry that your balance becomes zero. The platform of this app refers to an iPhone app, in which all features are available on the desktop. You can also reinvest your capital or profit as they offer it through a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP). You can start earning from this platform with a minimum $500 investment. 

№ 2. Trim 

The second on our list is Trim financial manager, which will help you cut your expenses without notice. This tool is entirely free to use, which can help you to lower your internet, phone bill, cable bill. Not just cutting expenses, if they need any negotiation, this app will do that for you in exchange for a bit of your savings. 

No money is costing out of your pocket. Using this app is easy; you start saving money by signing up at this app platform. Income is passive, and you don’t need to do any extra work for it.

№ 3. Swagbucks

The third on our list is Swagbucks. You can also call it a money-making app that allows you to make a profit by playing games, watching videos/ads, taking surveys, etc. For these attributes, it is a semi-passive income app that requires some activity to make money. 

You can use Swagbucks as your default search engine to earn every time you search on the internet. It is available at the Google play store, Apple store as well as a desktop platform. When you sign up at this platform, you will get a reward of $5, and you can also make money by referring this app to your friend.  

№ 4. InboxDollars

It is a list of passive income apps, so the next best is InboxDollars. It is a top-rated mobile tool that allows you to make money by daily routine activities. You can make money from this app by doing activities like Swagbucks, such as watching videos, taking surveys, etc. 

Since the beginning of this platform in 2000, this app has paid over $59 million to users. You will get a $5 reward for signing up on this platform.   

№ 5. Paribus

The next on our list is Paribus. We make purchases online and leave them there. This tool will track your purchases and store the receipts. It will check if any refund you owe from any purchase and help you get it. This app is easy to use. However, no Android platform is available for this tool; you can sign up from a mobile browser or desktop platform.

№ 6. Acorns

The next best passive income app on our list is Acorns, which works differently than others. It involves you expend some extra and accumulates them into your account. 

For example, you may purchase something worth $6.15; this tool will show you a round figure of maybe $7. Meanwhile, an extra $0.85 you are paying is going to the app fund. When the fund reaches $5, this tool will send the money to their Acorns’ robo-advisor. 

№ 7. Airbnb

Airbnb is the next best passive income app on our list. It contains millions of users that can also become customers anytime. With this app, you can make extra money that allows withdrawal at Paypal or maybe at your bank account. You can rent a house or room through this app and get an instant client.

№ 8. MobileXpression 

The next app on our list is MobileXpression. It doesn’t accept every mobile device for its service and only allows devices eligible to get their service. You can easily make $5 extra every month by adding widgets. After signing up at MobileExpression and running in the background for a week, you will get a $5 gift card at Amazon, Best buy, or Starbucks.

№ 9. Dosh

We found Dosh as the next best passive income app on our list. It doesn’t deal with any coupon or reward points; only hard cash is countable. For example, you make any purchase from any shop or restaurant by using your credit card that is countable. 

While you are a user of this app and connect it to your card, you make purchases from shops or restaurants with links to this app to get a cashback from each purchase. You can withdraw that cashback money through Paypal or transfer it to your bank account. 

№ 10. Current Music

The 10th best passive income app on our list is Current Music, by which you can make yearly $600 just by listening to music. The procedure is so simple. 

  • Download the tool on your phone. 
  • Lay music and collect in-app points. 
  • Redeem the points and get gift cards at Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, etc., common shopping platforms. 

Final thoughts

Finally, you have a list of the best passive income apps. Now you can easily choose which ones are suitable for you to earn some extra money.

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