SSR Mining Reports Strong Production Growth

Production at SSR Mining increased by 16% in its recent quarter, driven by higher output from all operations, except for Turkey. The Denver-based mining company achieved a remarkable output of approximately 211,100 gold equivalent ounces in the fourth quarter. This marks the third highest quarterly production in the company’s history.

Impressive Performance across Mines

Several mines contributed to this success. The Seabee mine in Northern Saskatchewan showed an outstanding growth rate of 57% compared to the previous year, with gold production reaching 38,758 ounces. The Marigold mine in Nevada also performed exceptionally well, with a 32% increase in gold production, totaling 82,794 ounces. Additionally, the Puna operations in Argentina achieved a 16% rise in silver output, producing approximately 2.8 million ounces.

Çöpler Mine Experienced a Minor Decrease

Despite the overall positive performance, Çöpler mine experienced a slight setback. Gold production at this Turkish mine fell by 13% to 57,126 ounces. SSR Mining owns 80% of Çöpler mine.

Meeting Full-Year Expectations

SSR Mining’s full-year production reached about 706,900 gold equivalent ounces, successfully meeting the company’s guidance. Both the Marigold and Puna operations achieved record-high outputs, contributing significantly to this achievement. Previously, SSR Mining had anticipated an annual output of around 700,000 gold equivalent ounces.

“With these results, SSR Mining continues to extend its operational track record, delivering on production guidance targets in 11 of the last 12 years,” commented the company.

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