Kilinga Bacanora: The Rising Star in Mexican Spirits

Americans have long had a love affair with tequila and mezcal, but there’s a new agave-based spirit that is capturing their attention – bacanora. Kilinga Bacanora, a brand launched in 2018, has seen incredible success, with a staggering 235% growth in the U.S. in the past year alone.

The Rich History of Bacanora

Bacanora is made from agave, just like tequila and mezcal. However, its uniqueness lies in its origin – it comes exclusively from the Mexican state of Sonora. This spirit has a rich history that spans three centuries, although it was only recognized as a distinct category with its own denomination in 2000.

A Taste that Satisfies

When it comes to taste, bacanora strikes a balance between the smokiness of mezcal and the earthy quality of tequila. It possesses a distinct flavor profile that has attracted a growing legion of fans. While still relatively hard to find, bacanora is well worth seeking out. It’s no wonder that a writer for Bon Appétit said, “If you see a bottle of bacanora on the shelf of your local liquor store, don’t think, just buy.”

In a market dominated by tequila and mezcal, Kilinga Bacanora is making its mark as an exciting and enticing option for spirits enthusiasts. With its impressive growth and unique flavor, this Mexican gem is sure to become a staple in the world of agave-based spirits.

Kilinga: A Distinctive Bacanora Brand

Kilinga is a family-owned brand that reflects the vision of its founder, Bours. The name Kilinga pays homage to his mother, who is the heart of their family. Bours aimed to create a bacanora that embodies the region’s beauty, with a smooth and bright character. Their bacanoras, consisting of four main expressions, are crafted using agave sourced from their family farm. The harvesting time and aging process greatly influence the unique flavors of each expression.

Our Impression

Kilinga Bacanora presents a delightful alternative to tequila and mezcal, boasting a distinctive flavor profile. It strikes a balance between vegetal notes and refined characteristics, complemented by a subtle hint of smoke. The drinkability factor is remarkable, even when enjoyed neat. Among the various expressions of Kilinga, the Silvestre ($64.99) stands out for its captivating floral essence and a delicate violet finish. However, both the Blanco ($56.99) and the Añejo ($73.99) have their own undeniable appeal.

Enjoying Kilinga Bacanora

While these expressions are undeniably enjoyable on their own, Kilinga suggests that bacanora can be easily incorporated into cocktails. Whether you’re looking to create a twist on a classic margarita by replacing tequila with bacanora or exploring the possibilities in an Old Fashioned or daiquiri, the versatility of Kilinga promises a delightful experience.

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