Individuals and companies of various levels often use financial management tools. They help to control expenses and monitor the state of the account. is one of those products. It has many positive qualities and is in demand among different categories of users.


Approve is a modern tool to help you manage your money. It is owned by Tipalti, which is registered in California. This company started its activity in 2010. Then and now, the main direction of its movement was financial technology. They were gradually developed, which led to the emergence of various tools, such as Approve. Tipalti is a famous brand. The company carefully works on its reputation. Therefore, it conducts its activities honestly and cooperates with several well-known regulators. This positively affects various aspects of work and helps create the image of a reliable partner. is considered a new tool that combines old and modern technologies. With its help, they most often monitor expenses and control the process of conducting transactions with assets. This software is suitable for individual users and companies of various ranks. This versatility increases its popularity and expands its customer base. Approve has a simple and intuitive interface. Thanks to this, all actions are performed as quickly as possible and without much effort. It also highlights the possibility of integration with other similar products, which is rare in the modern world.

Anyone who wants to use Approve must be prepared for a significant financial outlay. The cost of available service packages starts from $2000. This price is too high, even for such a high-quality application and many useful options. Due to the high cost, Approve users are often medium-sized and large companies that can afford such monthly fees. At the same time, sometimes, some clients use the application to manage their capital.

Important features

A tool like Approve is always easy to use. It is maximally adapted for users with different experiences and contains a minimum of difficult moments. It is essential to perform all actions in the correct sequence. It will help to avoid failures and grave mistakes.

The sequence of actions performed:

  1. Find the website on the Internet and open any of its pages.
  2. You will find a visible inscription “Get a Free Demo.»
  3. After clicking, a questionnaire will appear in front of you, which you fill out with reliable data without errors.
  4. Next, confirm the entered information and complete the registration process.
  5. Immediately after this, a free trial period begins, after which you will need to choose a suitable tariff plan.
  6. Go to your account and set the parameters of the tool. Also, adjust the security settings.
  7. Save the settings, and you can start using Approve.

At Approve, everything is as simple as possible. However, users are advised to learn some features of the application that will help to cope with various difficulties that suddenly arise during work.

Approve Features:

  • Security. Approve provides services primarily to large companies operating with vast amounts of money. In this regard, special attention is paid to account security issues. The developers of the application carefully encrypt the personal data of users, as well as information about their financial transactions. The measures taken so far are sufficient to ensure safety. To date, there has not been a single confirmed case of problems with this aspect of the work. However, in the future, approval needs to improve protection to prevent confidential information leakage.
  • Support. Anyone who actively uses Approve can count on help from the support team. It has several divisions, each of which deals with specific issues. As a result, customers only have to wait a few minutes to receive a response. To contact the support service, you need to e-mail or call the phone number on the site. In addition, you can create an application through the feedback form on the site. Another communication option is live chat. It makes it possible to correspond with representatives of the developer and resolve any problems as quickly as possible. Support is available exclusively in English. You need to know this feature when choosing one of the methods of contacting the operators or the approved administration.
  • Trial period. Immediately after registration, the trial period will be activated. It is necessary to get acquainted with a financial instrument’s possibilities and determine its appropriateness. A trial period is available to every Approve customer. After its completion, you will need to select one of the tariff plans. Otherwise, access to the application will be restricted.
  • Information materials. Approve is focused on large companies employing experienced financial professionals. The latter has all the necessary knowledge that helps them do their job efficiently. However, Approve also has a certain percentage of individual customers. Especially for them, high-quality information materials were developed (they can be found in the “Blog” section). Most of them are articles on a variety of topics. They contain essential information to help you cope with financial management tasks. All texts are presented in English. Because of this, some clients who need to learn this language will have to find a good translator. stands out among the tools for financial management. It perfectly suits all categories of users and helps them to perform various work. This makes it possible to quickly resolve all economic issues and keep every cent under control.

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Approve is a sought-after software. Its popularity is explained by the many positive qualities that experts and ordinary users highlight. At the same time, Approve also has disadvantages. They slightly spoil the impression of the product but do not significantly affect its operation.
Approve is a sought-after software. Its popularity is explained by the many positive qualities that experts and ordinary users highlight. At the same time, Approve also has disadvantages. They slightly spoil the impression of the product but do not significantly affect its operation.
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  • well-known developer
  • reliability
  • no hidden fees
  • universality
  • multifunctionality
  • simple interface
  • no problems during operation
  • quality support
  • variety of services
  • free trial period
  • a lot of good reviews


  • High prices
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