UpVoice Passive Income App: Best to Make Better Marketing Decisions

When we look for ways to make money from home using our computers or mobile phones, we know that we’re trading our time for money. Our earning potential is restricted since we only have a certain amount of time, especially when making money online as a side job. Everything might be different now, thanks to startups like UpVoice.

Because you can make money doing what you’ve always done, the idea of restricted earnings is no longer an issue. What we’re searching for is entirely passive, and UpVoice promises to provide that. If you’re curious to know more about UpVoice, we’ll tell you everything about it in our review.

Filling out surveys is often the source of valuable information for companies, but it might take a long time until you get the information you need. BrandTotal, a market research firm, owns UpVoice. Like any other market research organization, they value your opinion so much that they’ll pay you for it. 

According to the company’s advertising, you will get compensated for doing nothing with UpVoice. That, of course, gets people’s attention and justifies a more in-depth look. Continue reading this article to take a more detailed look at this app.

What does the UpVoice app have to offer?

For those intrigued by the prospect of getting compensated for your time spent on social media, keep reading. After signing up with UpVoice, you’ll be able to download its Chrome extension. Your browser’s overall performance will not be affected by this. However, you’ll need to disable any ad filters that you’ve installed before you can use the extension.

Once you’ve installed the extension and removed any ad blockers, you’re ready to get started. Every time you log on to YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, or LinkedIn, they will pay you. For what reason are you getting compensated while doing this? According to UpVoice, it is because it “anonymously gathers your advertisements.”

An infographic showing UpVoice features
An infographic showing UpVoice features

  1. Safety and security

This is a question that can only be addressed by your company and the privacy laws in your country. In their privacy statement, they assure you that they take your privacy seriously and abide by all local and federal regulations.

Look at their privacy policy, and you’ll discover that they’re pretty transparent about how they use your data.

  1. Membership plans

Upvoice does not offer a paid premium membership.

  1. Budgeting and goals

To make money on UpVoice, you’ll have to be a lot more active on the participating websites. As of this writing, there are five participating sites (the participating sites have changed a few times since we first tested it). You may earn a maximum of ten tokens each day by visiting one or more participating sites. The daily limit is ten.

You’ll soon be redeeming gift cards regularly if you do it every day. Most people are already familiar with Amazon and social media networks like Facebook, so we think this will be a cinch for them to use. For us, ten tokens per day are nearly a certainty since we spend a lot of time on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

As an example of how much money you can make with UpVoice tokens, 600 tokens equal $10. In other words, if you get the maximum daily tokens, you’ll earn 300 tokens/$5 every month just for doing what you currently do. Even if it’s not much in today’s terms, it’s a wonderful bargain since all you have to do is spend some time on certain websites.

Tokens are given to you as a $5 welcome bonus (300), as well as extra tokens at certain token levels. It’s unclear exactly how many tokens you’ll get when you reach a certain level, although they do say that you’ll get an additional 240 tokens after you get 2,100. In addition, when you’re not working, you may earn extra money by doing surveys.

  1. Special features

Completing periodic surveys and suggesting UpVoice to others will get you points in addition to the ones you earn for signing up. Some partner sites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Amazon.com. Tokens may only be achieved if your ad blocker is turned off.

For every token you earn, you’ll get a gift card. In addition to Amazon and Uber, partner businesses include Adidas, Prepaid Visa, and a slew of other well-known names, including Best Buy and Starbucks. You’ll need at least 600 tokens to redeem a $10 gift card.

The app respects your right to privacy and protects it with state-of-the-art security measures. They will not share your personal information with anybody, except when they need to provide your rewards. Furthermore, they anonymize and combine all data they collect from you and other members.

  1. Alerts

There is no system of notifications in UpVoice.

  1. Transactions and reporting

Tokens may be redeemed for various e-gift cards, including Amazon, Visa prepaid, BestBuy, iTunes, and more, when you’ve earned 600 ($10). PayPal payments are not accepted at this time, sadly. However, after you submit your payment request, the app will review it for at least five business days and issue you a card.

  1. Support

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact UpVoice’s customer support team. To get in touch with them, scroll to the bottom of their website and click on the Contact Us link.

UpVoice support form
UpVoice support form

Additionally, a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions may be found on their website. You’ll find the bulk of your basic questions answered here, along with a wealth of valuable information.

Pros and cons of using the UpVoice app

Now let us take a look at its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
It’s a simple method to collect rewards.It is only accessible to nationals of the United States and the United Kingdom, limiting it.
The maximum payoff is modest.There are no monetary incentives available.
It provides good privacy and security to your data.They often provide less support or assistance.

Final thoughts

It’s safe to say that UpVoice is not a scam, but you can do much better. Availability of the work determines the amount of money you earn from the site. Anyone in the UK or US may sign up and start earning passive income on this website, but you should not stop working to do so.

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