Roblox Requires Employees to Work In Person at Headquarters

Roblox, the San Mateo-based videogame developer, has announced a new policy requiring almost all employees to work in person at the company’s headquarters. In a blog post, Chief Executive David Baszucki stated that employees will have the option of coming to the office three days a week in San Mateo, California, or accepting a severance package.

Exceptions to this policy will be made for remote employees on teams that specifically require remote work, such as call-center or data-center employees, as well as for those with unique skill sets or significant institutional knowledge.

“I understand that some employees may choose not to join us at headquarters,” Baszucki acknowledged.

Employees who are currently working remotely will have until January 16 to decide whether they will work in person or leave the company. Those unable to relocate will have until April 15 to transition out of their roles.

All employees relocating to headquarters will be expected to begin in-person work by July 15. The company has committed to assisting with the costs associated with relocation.

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