Powerhouse Energy Reports Narrowed Pretax Loss in First Half of the Year

Powerhouse Energy, a leading clean-energy company based in the UK, announced its narrowed pretax loss for the first half of the year, showcasing its ability to adapt and thrive in the face of changing market conditions.

Financial Performance

During the first half of the year, Powerhouse Energy’s pretax loss decreased to £576,574 ($724,465), compared to a loss of £899,367 in the same period last year. This reduction in loss despite falling revenue demonstrates the company’s strategic shift and its commitment to achieving long-term success.

Revenue, however, dropped to nil from £352,713, primarily due to a change in strategy and the recent acquisitions of Protos SPV and Engsolve. As a result, Protos’s revenue from last year has been internalized and accounted for as a cost in the company’s reports. The acquisition of Engsolve occurred late in the period, resulting in minimal revenue benefits for the current accounts.

Future Potential and Leadership Change

Nonexecutive Chairman Tony Gardner-Hillman emphasized that the profit and loss statement depicted in the half-year report does not accurately reflect the true trading potential of Powerhouse Energy. This statement highlights the company’s confidence in its ability to generate substantial profits in the future as it implements its strategic initiatives.

In a separate announcement, Powerhouse Energy shared that Acting CEO Keith Riley has stepped down for personal reasons, effective immediately. The company has appointed Chief Operation Officer Paul Emmitt to assume Riley’s responsibilities until a suitable successor is found. Riley will continue his association with Powerhouse Energy in a consultancy role.

Powerhouse Energy’s dedication to evolving strategies and ensuring exceptional leadership positions it favorably for future growth and success.

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