Moving into Senior Living: A New Chapter of Hopes and Dreams

Moving into a senior living facility doesn’t mean the end of one’s hopes and dreams. It’s a time to embrace new experiences, as these older Americans have shown us.

Retirement: Expecting the Unexpected

Retirement is full of surprises and uncertainties. Here are some twists and turns that you should be prepared for.

Rethinking the Withdrawal Rate: Goodbye, 4% Rule

The withdrawal rate during retirement has long been a topic of debate. So, what’s the best approach for retirees in managing their finances?

Retirement News Highlights

  • Millions of Older Americans Struggling with Poverty: Exploring the Causes
  • Barry Williams, ‘Brady Bunch’ Star: Dancing Through Generations
  • Analyzing Republican Social Security Plans: Do They Make Sense?
  • The Truth About Multilevel Marketing and Making Money: Insights from Accountants
  • When Talking about Family Wealth Goes Wrong: The Regretful Conversations
  • Retiring Abroad? Beware of Violence, Crime, and Corruption
  • Finding Happiness in Retirement: Four Key Elements
  • Unpacking the Impact of Generous Employer Matches on Retirement Savings

In the News: Retirement Insights

Stay up to date with the latest retirement news:

  • How Much Notice Should You Give Before Retiring? (Washington Post)
  • Concerns Surrounding Bankruptcy at Schaumburg Retirement Community (Chicago Tribune)

Never too young? Lawmakers back new 401(k) plan bill for teen retirement savers (BenefitsPRO)

Research and Insight

  • Retirement plan contributions slipped in 2022, annual PSCA survey shows (InvestmentNews)

  • Experts Say This Magic Number Is Key to Healthy Retirement Savings — And It’s Not $1 Million (Nasdaq)

  • This Four-Part Retirement Strategy Helps Combat Bad Timing (Kiplinger)

  • New Mothers Who Get Back to Work Quickly Earn More (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients

  • This is the worst part of retirement

  • Fed rate hikes are fueling, not slowing, inflation, says this market-beating fund manager

  • U.S. Treasury bonds are not ‘safe’

  • Inflation adjustments won’t save you from paying taxes on 85% of your Social Security benefit

  • How to compare Medicare plans and pick the best one for you

  • 6 places to turn for help with Medicare enrollment

  • Don’t get fooled again: 3 ways investors are tricked, and 6 ways to protect yourself

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