Keywords Studios Acquires Multiplayer Group

Keywords Studios, a leading provider of services to the videogames industry, has recently acquired Multiplayer Group, a game development studio based in Nottingham, England. The acquisition, valued at 76.5 million pounds ($97 million), was made in cash from Keywords Studios’ existing revolving credit line.

The addition of Multiplayer Group is expected to contribute to Keywords Studios’ growth, with double-digit percentage revenue anticipated in 2024. This positive outlook is driven by a strong pipeline of work for Multiplayer Group. Furthermore, the acquisition is expected to boost the company’s earnings per share in the first full year following the deal. These results align with Keywords Studios’ targeted valuation range of five to seven times adjusted earnings before interest and taxes.

Bertrand Bodson, Chief Executive Officer of Keywords Studios, expressed the significance of this acquisition for the company. He stated that it represents an important step in expanding their platform and offerings to include specialized multiplayer game development on a large scale—a service that is increasingly in demand for live services.

Overall, the acquisition of Multiplayer Group marks a strategic move by Keywords Studios to enhance their capabilities in game development and meet the growing needs of the industry.

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