Galliford Try Secures Position on £3.2 Billion Development Framework for Affordable Homes

Galliford Try, a prominent U.K. construction group, has announced that it has successfully secured a position on a new development framework for affordable homes. This framework, worth a staggering £3.2 billion, presents significant opportunities for the company to further expand its presence in the residential sector.

As part of this achievement, Galliford Try has been awarded a place on Lot 2 of the framework, which encompasses new build projects valued at over £10 million. Additionally, they have secured a position on Lot 3, dedicated to regeneration projects and valued at £650 million.

Recognizing the immense potential associated with this project, Galliford Try anticipates leveraging this framework to construct low and medium rise affordable apartments. With a strong track record in residential developments, the company views the affordable homes market as an essential sector for sustainable growth.

“Our group has a strong track record in residential developments, and the affordable homes market is a key adjacent sector for our business within our sustainable growth strategy,” stated Chief Executive Bill Hocking.

Overall, this opportunity marks a significant milestone for Galliford Try, positioning them to make a remarkable impact in the affordable housing sector. As they embark on this new venture, the company remains committed to maintaining their exceptional standards and contributing to the well-being of communities through delivering quality, affordable homes.

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